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How To Get Your Daily CBD Without Going Bankrupt

CBD-powered wellness shouldn't be a luxury, and brands like RYTE make it possible with quality, affordable products for all budgets. Find out how. Created with RYTE.

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Apart from its novelty and rising popularity, CBD is also known for not being a cheap product. As the novelty wears off and CBD starts becoming a part of the mainstream market the price will slowly start to decrease and brands will start coming out with more decently priced products. RYTE CBD is one of those brands.

For a substance that is said to be beneficial to people’s health and well being if consumed on a daily basis, the harsh reality is that CBD is not really priced in a way that it is an accessible daily consumable for most people. That’s why brands like RYTE have decided to really cling to their slogan and make CBD products ‘for every day’ consumption. That means a holistic approach that includes both formulation and pricing.

How Can Brands Like RYTE Afford to Offer CBD at Affordable Prices?

RYTE tries to employ faster and simpler working methods throughout their production process, making for streamlined farming, manufacturing, and formulation phases. By doing this, RYTE is able to provide premium full spectrum CBD at and ‘every day’ pricing. Basically, a premium product with a reasonable price tag.

But what does streamlining the production process actually mean? RYTE grows their hemp with hand-harvesting processes, they bottle it themselves, and ship it directly to you, the consumer. They’ve identified that fewer hands means lower prices so they stick to the motto.

What Makes For a Good Daily Consumption Product?

There are a few main product features that need to be taken into consideration. The origin of the CBD extract is one of them. Because most countries do not legally regulate the production and consumption of cannabis derivatives, U.S. grown hemp is always the safest choice. RYTE for instance, makes all their products using U.S. grown hemp, right on their own land in Boulder, Colorado.

The second and perhaps most important feature is that the product is third-party lab tested. This ensures that those regulations are actually being followed and that product quality meets the standards promised to the consumer.

Lastly, brands like RYTE not only offer lower prices but also offer smaller packaging presentations that allow newbie consumers to try out the product before deciding to go all in. Most brands will usually stick to a standard 30ml dropper bottle for their CBD oils, but RYTE also offers a 15 ml bottle at an incredibly affordable price tag in what they call a “Trial Size.”. This smaller bottle makes it easy for new CBD users to try the product. Then, if you decide that CBD is in fact for you they also have a larger sized 120 ml bottle at a price tag comparable to other brand’s 30ml bottles, and we are not even exaggerating with this.

Why Are Most CBD Brands So Expensive?

It’s almost an obvious point the reason why CBD pricing usually seems to shoot through the roof but we’ll briefly touch on it for clarity’s sake. Pricing is usually defined by these 2 reasons:

  1. Brands will first look at the market overall, and produce products in the same industry (in this case, CBD). This landscape assessment will tell them how many different products are available in the market for each category and how much each one of them costs the consumer. Because it is still considered a novelty item, CBD’s average pricing is high. Other CBD tinctures are often further sold as premium or luxury products, and in those cases pricing will be above the already high, normal average price.
  2. In parallel to assessing the market and deciding where they would like to be in terms of pricing, brands will then take a closer look at their internal processes. This includes how long it takes them to take a new product from ideation to launch and how much it will cost them to make that journey. This roughly summarizes what is known as the net cost of production. Combined with their knowledge of market pricing, brands will then be able to decide whether they can meet their initial goal or if they’ll have to launch the product with superior pricing.

Because brands are taking advantage of the novelty of CBD as a newer product, they set their prices higher than they would with another commodity product, like milk or eggs, that is not as new and more common for people to find & buy. Today’s production costs to grow, distill and sell CBD tend to be higher than other, more established industries. In fact, it’s not that easy to find reliable farms that deliver consistently high-quality CBD extract from their hemp harvests. RYTE CBD takes advantage of their Colorado farm location to grow, harvest and distill CBD directly, right here in the USA. Visit the RYTE CBD website for more information.

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November 12, 2020 — Last Updated December 04, 2020
Written by Simón Cartagena
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November 12, 2020 — Last Updated December 04, 2020
Written by Simón Cartagena

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