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Learn | 04.28.2022

How To Lower Your Tolerance Without Withdrawal Symptoms

Taking things down a notch.

This experience is something I can relate to all too well, heading for my first toke of the day and expecting a refreshing high with waves of relief and relaxation.

However, that “first bowl” or “first pull” feeling tends to wear off with time, indicating your tolerance is much higher than it used to be. This often leads me to pack a second bowl, only to be ripped out of my mind and slightly anxious depending on the strain I’m using.

Keep reading for tips on lowering your tolerance while still satisfying your canna cravings.

Try A Different Method

Did you know your body reacts wildly differently to different methods of ingestion? If you’re a pro-bowler like me and reach for the bong after any minor inconvenience, you might benefit from smoking a joint or puffing on a cartridge.

However, if you really want to lower your tolerance but still feel high, try using a product that’s less rich in THC and higher in CBD or other minor cannabinoids like CBN or CBG. This will help your body get used to smaller amounts of THC while still producing a high since you’re not entirely used to that specific method of ingestion.

Dose Non-Psychoactive Strains/Products

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We’re not telling you to ditch your psychoactive weed altogether, but if you find yourself reaching for high-THC products for a mid-day pick-me-up or after a heated argument, you may benefit from dosing CBD or slightly psychoactive Delta-8 THC.

Instead of constantly using the same potent THC strain all day, switch things up a bit and try something less psychoactive to let your body reset until you reach for a potent strain later in the day.

Space Out Each Sesh

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There’s nothing worse for your tolerance than back-to-back hits. This dramatically increases your body’s ability to handle THC and mitigate its effects.

Again, there is no shame in smoking two joints or hitting two bowls during one sesh, but if you’re looking to lower your tolerance, try spacing out each bowl, joint, or puff to let your body reset itself and get used to a little less THC.

However, if you really need an extra kick after a hit, try using a less invasive cannabis product, maybe something with Delta-8 THC, to satisfy those cravings while still lowering your tolerance for Delta-9 THC.

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