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How To Sober Up From Weed

We all love weed! But sometimes, smoking too much of it can make us feel bad.

We all know you can’t overdose from THC, although it is very likely that you won’t feel great if you take a tad too much. When that happens, it is common to feel unpleasant feelings like shakiness or paranoia.

These are sensations that you want to get rid of as soon as possible, and even though they may not last that long, they can feel like forever if nothing is done to stop them.

Although the only way to get weed out of your body is by waiting until it is entirely metabolized, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you calm down that anxiety that can be generated from having too much in your system, and Herb has the perfect guide to them.

Always Hydrate

Hydrating is always a good idea. It is probably something you will do intuitively since it is expected that your mouth starts feeling super dry when you have just consumed weed; that’s because cannabis inhibits your salivary glands. Not only does hydration help the cottonmouth sensation, but focusing on drinking a cold drink can also help you feel more grounded in your body. 

And, hopefully, needless to say, please don’t confuse hydration with alcohol consumption. This can only make things worse. Instead of cold beer, go for some water with ice or, I don’t know, a coke if you want something sweet.

Chew On Some Peppercorns Or Lemon Slices

Suck on lemon to get rid of cotton mouth

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Peppercorns or lemon slices act like terpenes that promote alertness or reduce anxiety. They can help tone down any undesirable effects of THC. The reason is that both black pepper and lemon contain terpenes like pinene, caryophyllene, or limonene, which can balance out the psychoactive effects of THC.

You can look for different terpenes in your pantry, but these are two solid options and have immediate effects, and some of the ones have been proven the most to calm down the results of weed.

Stay Clean

Cloning Mistakes with RX Green

That header is not the real solution; it is essential, and my preferred way to calm down, when I am entering the high I didn’t want, is to shower. The water should be as cold as possible, hard enough to sort of shock you back into the real world and lower your heart rate. 

I do this when I drink too much; it wakes me up and kind of washes away my anxiety. Some people also take warm showers or baths to relax. I see how that could be relaxing, but to me, the cold on the back of my head does the magic. Plus, I would fall asleep in the tub if the water is too warm and I am too knocked out… You wouldn’t want that happening.

Delta 8 THC Instead Delta 9 THC

It is easy to let go of the flow of the euphoric and chilling mood when smoking or having too much when eating edibles. This is especially true for users with low tolerance to THC.

That is why Delta 8 THC products are such a good choice. They have only half the potency of regular THC, which makes them easier to handle and reduces the probability of greening out. So next time you are sharing a good time with your friends or having a session by yourself, give Delta 8 a try.



Finally, don’t forget to breathe. It is something that we don’t tend to value enough. It can be frequent to be so anxious and desperate about being out of yourself that you don’t stop to get comfortable and breathe, and sometimes it is all you need to feel better.

And it isn’t even to calm down the weed effects; everyday life situations that make you anxious can be relieved with a few deep breaths. 

It is ideal to find some quiet and relaxed spot to sit and practice some breathing exercises when it comes to cannabis-induced bad feelings. Some that are known to be valid are diaphragmatic breathing, where you concentrate on your belly and take deep, paused breaths, or also breathing very slowly and holding your breath for a few seconds until you exhale again, also slowly and through your mouth.

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