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How To Use Delta 8 For Sleep

Make the most of your precious slumber. Created with Bay Smokes.

The most common issue in Americans of all ages is sleep deprivation.

Because stress is at such a high, thanks to the ongoing pandemic and figuring out how to adjust, individuals aren’t getting the amount of sleep they need to function on a healthy and happy level.

While you may have tried melatonin to hush your mind at night, the most common side effect from this is drowsiness and lethargy the following day.

For this reason, many people have started using cannabis sleep aids like Delta 8 THC, which not only relax the mind and body but don’t leave any unwanted side effects when dosed correctly.

How Does Delta 8 Help With Sleep?

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For starters, Delta 8 offers a mild, relaxing, and full-bodied high, a recipe for a night of quality sleep.

When D8 products are incorporated into a nighttime routine, your body is met with natural tiredness without feeling a wildly potent psychoactive high.

While the cannabinoid is responsible for relaxation and a mild high, it also doesn’t leave the user feeling drowsy the following day because it’s almost entirely free of side effects when dosing the correct amount.

Most companies note suggested doses for their products online or on the packaging, which helps avoid common cannabis side effects like cottonmouth, munchies, and paranoia.

Best Delta 8 Products For Sleep

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Pre-Roll

There’s nothing better than a relaxing joint before bed. Snag Bay Smokes’ Delta 8 Pre-Roll and drift off into dreamland.

This greenhouse-grown Delta 8 THC and CBD dominant flower is not only the perfect way to try new strains (which you can choose from here), but it’s the best way for smokers to wind down every evening.

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Brownie Fudge Rainbow

Remember the days when bringing these brownie treats to school resulted in a flock of kids around you wanting a bite?

Expect the same experience with Bay Smokes’ Delta 8 Brownie Fudge Rainbow. Coming with 600 mg Delta 8 THC per bag, these sweets pack a heavy punch, so make sure to start slow in order to hit the hay peacefully.

Bay Smokes Delta 8 Tincture

For fast and effective absorption, opt for Bay Smokes’ Delta 8 Tincture, made using the highest quality Delta 8 THC infused into a premium MCT oil.

Not only does the added peppermint oil refresh the palate and throat, but it assists in the entourage effect where cannabinoids work off each other synergistically to achieve your desired effect.

The tincture itself contains 1,000 mg Delta 8 THC, and each drop is dosed at approximately 1.5 mg Delta 8 THC.

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