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Learn | 01.25.2022

How To Use Yoga Nidra For Relaxation & Better Sleep

This type of yoga was made to help you get better sleep. Created with PLUS.

We all know the traditional yoga practice, consisting of fluid and static body movements. While this practice was made to ground individuals and keep them in good health, Yoga Nidra was designed to help people fall asleep through guided meditation. 

More often than not, you or someone you know struggles with falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night.

We created this guide in collaboration with sleep experts at PLUS, helping people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with their PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies. After eight minutes of eating a gummy, your mind and body will be ready to hit the pillow. 

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A review published in the International Journal of Yoga Therapy in 2013 notes that after observing an experienced Yoga Nidra practitioner, they showed all the signs of quality sleep.

This includes the activation of delta brain waves for deep sleep alongside profound levels of restoration and relaxation, all while the individual remains conscious and awake.

What’s known as “conscious sleep” is one of the best ways to fully relax and restore the body and mind from sleep deprivation. While most meditations take place when the individual is seated, Yoga Nidra has them lay on their back in stillness.

When listening to the guide, it’s important to draw back from all other senses and focus on clearly listening to their instructions.

From there, the guide will ask questions or make statements to bring awareness to different parts of your body; this is called a body scan.

The guide will also have you focus on your breathwork, ensuring you’re breathing properly to stay relaxed and still.

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Photo courtesy of PLUS

This is usually followed by visualizations where the guide lets you travel through the subconscious mind and gather memories and experiences that kickstart your dreams.

This state of Yoga Nidra is the deepest, and it’s important not to wake up during this phase, as the guide will gradually shift your awareness back onto your body, then breath, and finally, onto your external surroundings. 

We want to add that using PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies will maximize this experience, but since the gummies kick in within eight minutes, be careful taking them before a Yoga Nidra session as you might stay on the ground for longer than expected. 

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