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Learn | 11.19.2019

Is Your CBD from Organically Grown Hemp? Here’s Why You Should Care.

Organically grown hemp is tasty, clean, and most importantly: kind. Here’s why organic hemp is the new gold standard for CBD products. Created with incann.

Two years ago, Sarah Paris found herself at a crossroads. As a full-time working mom, her days were spent rushing from one thing to the next—the kind of busy modern life that leaves you hanging by a thread, or what feels like one, at least.  

“It was hard to maintain balance with everything,” she tells Herb. “I was completely stressed out.”

When you feel pulled in so many different directions, it can be hard to dedicate time to what’s most important. For Paris, that meant that her personal health and wellness fell by the wayside.

“I had to make big changes, a lot of big changes, in my life,” she said.

Paris was approaching burnout, a realization that inspired her to take a hard look at the habits and decisions that led her exactly to where she stood. She visited a doctor, she started eating better, she made an effort to be more present with her family, she began reconnecting with her values. 

In short, she started living with intention

“Living with intention, for me, is being proactive to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Paris explains. Part of a healthy lifestyle means paying attention to the products you put into your body. This launched Paris on an exploration of various foods, supplements, and products—including CBD.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a hot-ticket item these days. It’s used clinically to treat severe conditions like epilepsy but is also sold over the counter as a stress-reliever, antioxidant, and cosmetic supplement. 

Here’s the problem: there are more CBD products out there than ever before. But, finding products that are truly high-quality and made with compassionate principles is challenging. 

So, Paris decided to make her own. And she started with organically-grown hemp.

What Is Organic Hemp CBD?

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Sarah Paris will be the first to tell you that “CBD is not a quick fix.”

But, the cannabis compound helped her manage stresses associated with major changes in her life. So, when researching ingredients for her own brand of CBD products, incann, she was steadfast on her commitment to quality ingredients right from the start—including sourcing hemp from farms practicing organic cultivation on clean land. 

Organically grown hemp is cannabis au naturale. 

Free of synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, organic hemp CBD is cultivated using environmentally friendly practices. 

Instead of relying on chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, to keep plants disease-free, organic-oriented hemp farmers rely on only natural methods to produce healthy, thriving plants.

Benefits Of Organic Hemp

There’s one major benefit to organically grown hemp: it’s kind. Kind to our bodies, kind to nature, and kind to those who nurture the plant for us to use. Thanks to the biological properties of hemp, organic cultivation might just become the new gold standard for CBD products. 

Here’s why:

Reduced Toxic Load

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In some ways it’s true, we are what we eat. And drink. And breathe. 

Residual pesticides found in anything that you consume—CBD oil included—can hang around in your body for a while. 

Here’s the deal —most people use CBD products to feel healthy. So, why ingest potentially irritating chemicals along with it? 

When it comes to hemp, there’s extra reason to choose organic. 

“Hemp is a bio-accumulator and cleans the soil via a process known as phytoremediation,” explains Paris. Phytoremediation is a fancy term that describes the ability of hemp to pull up toxins from the soil. 

“While this is great for the environment, it might not be great for ingestion,” Paris says. “Pesticides used in crops will be found in the plants.”

If you’re taking a hemp CBD supplement or using a CBD cream every day, opting for organically-cultivated products may help reduce your body’s toxic load and limits your exposure to pesticides. 

“Look for brands that do the testing and are transparent and list it on their website,” advises Paris.

Healthy Full-Spectrum Plants

The verdict is in: organic foods produce more antioxidants

Antioxidants are important for everyday health; they protect against stress-related damage both inside the body and on the surface of the skin. 

The cannabis plant is so marvelous because of the wide array of antioxidants it produces. Hemp not only produces antioxidant cannabinoids like CBD, but it features a bounty of synergistic compounds that may enhance the herb’s total antioxidant count.

Many minor cannabinoids, aromatic terpenes, and colorful flavonoids all boast antioxidant potential. It’s the combination of all of these compounds, scientists believe, that gives the cannabis plant such potent therapeutic value.

Cultivation practices that encourage antioxidant production are particularly important for hemp farmers. After all, plants rich in cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes make for superior full-spectrum extracts.

Kind Cultivation

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The benefits of organically grown hemp go beyond the consumer—the people and animals who nurture the plants benefit, too. 

Organic cultivation decreases pesticide exposure for agricultural workers, who would otherwise face far greater exposure to agricultural chemicals than the everyday consumer. 

Pollinating insects, like bees, also thrive with the help of organic cultivation. Back in 2018, Sweedish researchers decided to see if organic farming practices improved dwindling bee populations. 

As it turns out, they did. 

Farms that used organic methods not only attracted more bees but were home to a greater diversity of bee species

Organic products offer a way to pay it forward — from producer to consumer. They’re a simple way to start “living with intention and doing what you can to lead a healthy, happy and purposeful life,” as Paris likes to say. 

Healthy hemp, healthy community.

Sarah Paris sells her CBD products under the brand incann. Her collection of topicals, capsules, and tinctures are formulated to meet the highest quality standards. The essential oils used in incann topicals are extracted in-house, and all product batches are third-party lab-tested before sale. Incann uses only organically-grown hemp CBD in all of their products. 

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