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Learn | 04.25.2022

Learn The Benefits Of THCV Vapes

Delta Extrax and other brands realize that their users are constantly looking for new experiences.

THCV, you might have heard of it or not, but we assure you it won’t be the last time the name is thrown around. With new and different ways to experience cannabis on the rise, markets are getting into all the various cannabinoids our green goddess offers.

Delta Extrax and other brands realize that their users are constantly looking for new experiences, so they’ve put themselves to work creating products that incorporate cannabinoids that aren’t part of the norm (not yet, at least). So let’s get into the specifics before letting you know where you can get your best THCV fix.

What is THCV?

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

THCV, or as it’s known in the fancy scientific world, tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a compound found inside cannabis that has a bunch of effects and medical benefits that users can enjoy and find relief from.

You might’ve already guessed it by the name, but THCV’s molecular structure is similar to regular Delta 9 THC and is also psychoactive, but its effects vary from regular old THC and can also be mixed in with it to create an entourage effect.

While THCV can be extracted, isolated, and put purely into flower, extracts, oils, and edibles, there are also strains that contain higher amounts of this compound. Strains like Doug’s Varin and Pineapple Purps were bred with the intention to contain higher levels of THCV, and other African sativas like Durban Poison, Willie Nelson, and Red Congolese seem to do the trick too.

Benefits of THCV

What can you expect when trying THCV? The benefits range from recreational to medical, so let’s get into some of them:

  • THCV is mostly known for being a great appetite suppressant. Regular THC can bring on the munchies, while THCV might dull the need to raid the snack cupboard or order something in.
  • There’s promising research surrounding THCV’s benefits to diabetes patients, as it may help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance.
  • Anxiety: so many of us deal with it on a day-to-day basis. THCV has been shown to reduce panic attacks, especially in people suffering from PTSD.
  • Alzheimer’s can also be treated additionally with THCV. It seems that motor control and brain lesions can be improved, but the scientific jury is still out on that.
  • THCV stimulates bone growth, which can be great for people dealing with issues like osteoporosis and bone-related conditions.

What Does THCV Feel Like?

Photo courtesy of Delta Extrax

THCV is psychoactive, but it might not give you the same high as Delta 9 THC does, although many products like to mix the two to create an entourage effect.

You’ll feel motivated to get that work in before the deadline, alert enough to hear the doorbell ring when your inevitable package arrives and energized enough to get housework done without a second thought, all while feeling happy and euphoric.

Delta Extrax: Best THCV Products To Try

Delta Extrax has consistently been delivering premium and quality cannabinoids for a while, which makes them a perfect match for those who want to get their hands on safe and legal THCV products. They’re not just limited to that though: you can get hemp-derived products in pens, cartridges, gummies, flowers, and more!

In this article, however, we’re highlighting their Premium THCV disposables. You get to pick from two kinds in their Zenergy collection: the sativa-dominant Uplift or indica-dominant Unwind.

Uplift is made for those who want an extra boost throughout their day, helping you power through work and social events that can sometimes have your mind reeling. Enjoy a hit before hitting the kitchen to perfect that pasta recipe or inhale while out with friends walking down the promenade (is that what the kids are calling it these days?)

Unwind, as the name suggests, is for a relaxing and calming high. Great for ending a stressful day, popping on your favorite series, or just soothing the mind to take a relaxing nap, Unwind is a great alternative to a nightcap.

Made to be discreet, reliable, disposable, and enriched with Delta 8, 9, 10, and CBG to make the experience even better, these are well worth the affordable price (not to mention they’re on sale as we speak!).

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