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Meet Buddies: All-Natural Cannabis Products That Anyone Can Enjoy

Buddies is a brand that represents decades of cannabis knowledge and expertise reflected in premium all-natural products for all cannabis enthusiasts. Created with Buddies.

Buddies is a West Coast-based cannabis brand that likes to describe themselves as a brand that’s rooted to the core elements of cannabis. But what exactly does that mean? It’s simple really; it means that Buddies introduces new products to their portfolio, diversify, and innovate all across the board without losing sight of the shoreline. The shoreline being everything that makes us love cannabis in the first place.

They make sure this happens by offering CBD and THC products made from 100% cannabis sources. In fact, Buddies makes it a point to not use any artificial ingredients in their cannabis-derived products; you can expect nothing less than Grade-A quality.

But quality and reliability built this solid doesn’t just appear out of the blue. Buddies has been around for a long time, accumulating 20 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and processing. Experience that slowly materialized into operational processes that produce unique products at a great price point. 

Buddies Liquid Diamond cartridges are made from 100% all-natural live resin full-spectrum extracts

The thing is; brands that only accumulate manufacturing experience are bound to stay where they are or slowly fade away while the real ‘top-dogs’ grow with the industry. Buddies is not one of those companies. They’ve managed to innovate and grow as an enterprise as well, which in turn allows them to offer you those great price points we discussed. Keeping Buddies a brand that truly provides quality you can afford, keeping Buddies a brand for everyone.

But do not take our word for it. As they say, actions are better than words, and what better way to show this than products that follow this ethos to the dot:

Utilizing the expert craftsmanship skills cultivated with thousands of plants over the past 20 years, Buddies has managed to create one of the best live resin cartridges in the game… if not the best ever. When shopping for live resin, it’s not uncommon to run into products that bring bits and pieces of live resin mixed in with a distillate. While there’s nothing wrong with distillates (we love them too), it’s just not what you would expect if what you’re looking for is live resin. That’s Buddies’ promise with their liquid diamonds live resin vape cartridges. 

Buddies all-natural uncut 100% live resin

A live resin cart entirely made from diamonds (THCA crystals with high trace amounts of THC) and sauce (the high terpene count concentrate that provides the flavor to the formula). Buddies brings both elements together to conceive this true game-changer. They manage to do so by flash freezing the resin at harvest and keeping it at low temperatures throughout the extraction process. This enables the plant to retain it’s natural profile and results in a full-spectrum cannabis extract that actually pays tribute to the name.

If live resin is not what you’re looking for, don’t worry about it, there’s plenty more to choose from. All Buddies’ distillate carts are made with distilled cannabis oil plus reintroduced single-origin, strain-specific  100% cannabis-derived terpenes. Not only that, they’re strain-specific so you can pick and choose from a wide variety of your favorite strains.

Even though the company’s expertise lies in the cultivation and production of cannabis-derived products, Buddies doesn’t stop there. If you need a vape battery to pair with your new Liquid Diamonds cartridge, or any other accessory to go with it, they have you sorted as well.

October 09, 2020
Written by Simón Cartagena
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October 09, 2020
Written by Simón Cartagena

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