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10 Reasons Everyone Should Try Vaping At Least Once

We have smart phones, smart cars, and smart homes. Why not smart cannabis consumption? Here are ten reasons vaping is the best.

Vaping has opened up a whole new world to enjoy your herb. New technology has opened up a whole new world of vaping experiences. From increased highs to the enhancement of flavors, not to mention the proven benefits that come from using a vape. Here are 10 reasons why everyone should try vaping at least once.

1. Smoothness

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The vapor created when cannabis is heated under controlled conditions simply feels better. Combustion creates hot, dry hits full of lung-irritating smoke. Vaping feels more like breathing in warm, humid air.

2. Flavor

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Vaping allows the full flavor profile of the plant to come shining through. Burning often eliminates lesser terpenes, altering the taste.

3. Durability

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You don’t often see someone sporting their favorite weed pipe wherever they go. They tend to break when treated roughly. Many vaporizers, on the other hand, are designed to withstand the elements and anything life can toss at it.

4. Dosage

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The size of the dose from a pipe is highly variable. Vaporizers are designed for standardized puffs. Vaping means a reliable and repeatable herbal experience, every time.

5. Sophistication

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Nothing gives away the secret worse than the burnt smell of weed. Vaping doesn’t cause that burnt smell. In fact, many will find strains have a much more subtle odor that disappears faster than smoke.

6. Stealth

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Along with the smell, the look of a joint stands out pretty distinctly. But vaporizers for nicotine are everywhere, and with so many flavors out there, who can say what is inside that liquid tank? Exactly.

7. Control

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Vapes let people control the temperature, changing which terpenes and cannabinoids get released from the vaping medium. The same strain can uplift on a low temp or couch lock on a high temp.

8. Peace of mind

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Unlike that plastic bong from the smoke shop, vaporizers come with warranties. Some of the best on the market are covered for up to a decade. Pipes are like second-hand cars compared to the features and protections of a new vaporizer.

9. Health

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Vaping causes fewer respiratory irritations than smoking because the cannabis never catches on fire, so no ashy irritants. Vaporizers can eliminate up to 95 percent of carcinogens from the plant material.

10. Savings

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Vaping not only allows greater control over dosing size, it also releases a higher percentage of THC from the plant than burning. Translation: more buzz per puff. That also means that supply lasts longer, saving money.

For whatever reasons you want to try vaping, and whatever kind of experience you want, Namaste Vapes has the selection and prices to make you happy. Portable or table top vapes, accessories, and supplies Namaste has it all, so keep calm and vape on.

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