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Does Anyone Need An Effective Natural Sleep Aid?

There are easier ways to get to sleep than relying on one prescription sleep aid or another. PLUS can help cure your insomnia.

Insomnia, and other sleep disorders like it, affect more than 60 million Americans.

These sleepless wanderers often turn to over-the-counter or prescriptions for one sleep aid or another to help get some much-needed rest.

The problem with pills to put users to sleep is they have a high rate of dependency and can easily be overdosed on, making consumers feel groggy and left in a fog when they do wake up.

When You Want A Natural Sleep Aid

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Many patients turn to medical cannabis to ease the symptoms of insomnia, but what happens when it still isn’t legal, effective, or makes you feel jumpy, anxious, and nervous that it might keep you up at night?

Well, we have an all-natural solution for you. Their new edible line, the PLUS Sleep Gummies, can quickly relieve insomnia or cannabis-induced anxiety.

It will change how the world handles insomnia and improve sleep quality with a bite.

One Bite To Improve Your Sleep

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PLUS is a California-based brand that has consistently created high-quality cannabis-infused products.

Besides providing powerful formulas that aid with different ailments with CBD, THC, and CBN, they are proud to create straight products that have fewer fillers, sugar, and carbs.

Their Sleep Gummies are no exception. With its dual-action formula, these cannabis-infused gummies will help with two of the most common problems while having insomnia. 

The first one, helps you fall asleep a lot faster with its easy absorption. And the second one is to help you stay asleep longer with the cannabinoid mix.

The Dual Action Formula

Not being able to sleep well truly sucks. And this is why when I got my hands on the PLUS Sleep gummies, I actually found the cannabinoid mix useful.

Their mix of THC, CBN, and CBD will combine the fast-acting and long-lasting effects are available thanks to the nano emulsified THC. This means the cannabinoids will provide a rapid onset in about 8 minutes.  

After the THC effects kick in, the CBD and CBN will help through their patented release technology to help you relax and unwind. I did find it was mildly psychoactive when trying them, but it was just enough to make me unwind after a long day.

Flavors & Formulas

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PLUS Sleep Gummies have two different flavors and cannabinoid mix. Both of them come in a 20 gummy tin, are gluten-free, low calorie, low sugar, and made from completely natural colors and flavors.

The Cloudberry flavor has 5 mg THC, 1 mg CBN, and 1 mg CBD per gummy. These edibles are stronger on the psychoactive side due to the THC content, but just enough to let you drift away. 

Flavor-wise, expect subtle berries and sweetness, but nothing too overpowering.

I’d recommend this flavor formula if you’ve been having trouble relaxing once in bed or when overthinking won’t let you rest, since the THC will help you melt the stress away.

The other flavor, Lychee, has a formula with 3 mg CBD, 2 mg CBN, and 1 mg of THC.

The gummies in this tropical flavor are stronger on relaxation and deeper sleep, so if you feel like your sleep quality is on the poor side, these might be just perfect for you.

Flavor-wise they are fresh and tropical, again nothing too overpowering or overly sweet.

I’d recommend these if your sleep quality is poor, you have chronic ailments or pain, or you just want to improve how much time you actually have.

Cannabinoid Mix

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So, how do their cannabinoids and terpenes mix help you with sleep? As PLUS explains, the THC content in their edibles will help you fall asleep more easily. The CBD helps you relax your muscles while quieting your mind for a restful night, letting you wake up refreshed.

Now, the CBN or cannabigerol, lets you achieve a full night of sleep. This cannabinoid is known to help you stay relaxed for longer periods and will make the present CBD effects last a little longer.

The last part, their sleep terpene blend, offers maximum relaxation and calming effects that overall synergize with the sedative properties of the other present cannabinoids. 

Overall, these edibles will kick in in the first 8 minutes, and expect the full absorption of their cannabinoids in 30 to 60 minutes of consumption, as they are metabolized slowly through the gut.

Rundown (Or How To Get Better Sleep)

Photo courtesy of PLUS

The PLUS Sleep Gummies are the perfect, all-natural combination for a night of better sleep. Their dual-action formula is perfect to fall asleep quicker and get better sleep quality, without any side effects.

So whether you want to melt the stress away with the Cloudberry flavor or improve your overall rest quality with Lychee, you’ll find these gummies are the perfect effective natural sleep aid.

Would you give the gummies a try to help with insomnia? Let us know what you think.

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