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Learn | 10.04.2021

Our Full Review Of Old Pal’s Clementine Cartridge

We tried & tested these vape carts from the Cali-based Old Pal. Here's what you should know about them.

Old Pal offers a wide range of cannabis products, including strain-specific and flower-specific vape cartridges. In this Old Pal cartridge review, we’ll be focusing on the brand’s popular Clementine cartridge.

This cartridge contains the oil of different top-quality sativa strains derived from greenhouse flowers cultivated in Humboldt County, California. It produces an excellent, well-balanced high and has a lovely flavor.

Here’s our complete breakdown.


Let the good times roll with the touch of a button. This Old Pal Clementine sativa oil gives you a celestial experience by expanding your mind and heightening your senses. As the citrus tones elevate and awaken your senses, you’ll find your cerebral brain waves dancing. 

All the while, pine notes will help you focus and let go of whatever worries you may have. Old Pal’s oil is made using cutting-edge technology to ensure a clean, consistent, and smooth experience. I wouldn’t advocate smoking this late at night unless you’re looking for a big rush.

You can fit the cartridge on a USB Universal Battery, which is sold separately.


The quality of the Old Pal Clementine cartridge is excellent. The cartridge is not made of glass but instead polycarbonate, which allows Old Pal to keep prices low. The cartridge works well and the mouthpiece is very comfortable.

Verdict On Oil

The oil in the Old Pal Clementine cartridge has a lovely clear brown hue to it. It has a decent consistency and isn’t runny. Like everything coming from Old Pal, it’s a quality product that won’t disappoint even the harshest critics.

Vaping Experience

This Old Pal cartridge has plenty of flavor without being overpowering. What you get is a sweet citrus flavor with a smooth creaminess and a tangy aftertaste that lingers for a few minutes. It tastes a bit like an orange cream soda, and I liked it.


Old Pal’s Clementine gave me one of the finest highs I’ve ever experienced. I started feeling the effect after just two or three puffs. From there, the high continued to intensify until it reached a very heavy state. Old Pal’s premium oil provides a clean and pleasurable high that lasts for a while.


The pricing is almost too good to be true; retailers are selling Old Pal cartridges for as little as $15 and potentially as much as $25 in some stores. 

The strength of this Old Pal Clementine cartridge reduced the number of puffs I needed to get high, so it lasted a little longer.

The cartridge I purchased weighed half a gram and was close to full. The cartridge burns about as quickly as a typical CCELL, but still, the potency had me high with only a few hits. The fact that I didn’t have to vape as frequently to maintain my high means it could last me a few weeks.

Final Verdict

Old Pal’s Clementine was excellent overall. We can confidently recommend this to everyone who loves citrusy sativa strains.

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