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Futuristic Design, Vintage Vibe: Meet The Session Retrowave Collection

More than just smoking accessories, Session Goods' Retrowave collection offers an experience where past and future come together. Here's everything you should know about it. Created with Session Goods.

Photo by Sidney Brown

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Every decade seems to be marked by a wave of retro designs that take the world by storm. Whether it’s fashion, cars, or smoking weed, one thing is for sure – Retro Is In.

Session Goods is a brand that we’ve been acquainted with here at Herb for a while now, and we’ve known them for making incredibly high-quality smoking accessories with beautifully crafted yet simple designs that make a place for themselves in almost any serious toker’s stash.

But as the industry continues to evolve and becomes much more in-tune with the times, many cannabis brands are beginning to follow regular trends. But not many do it in style.

Session Goods does.

The Retrowave Collection

An 80s-inspired collection of the same top-notch, award-winning line of designer glass pipes and bongs we’ve come to know from Session Goods. But now, with colors that will take you back to the 80s decade.

So, why abandon the simple nature of classic Session Goods designs?

In an era that has been filled with uncertainty and chaos, having triggers that take our memories back to times that feel more hopeful and optimistic seems like a necessity. That’s what Session Goods was ultimately after with their new Retrowave collection

The reality is that the characteristic minimalism is not going to be taken away from your favorite accessories. Neither are the futuristic style or the pleasantly thick clouds of smoke. As the small up-and-coming lifestyle brand they are, Session Goods tried to push the boundaries and add some vibrancy through color saturation to a line of paraphernalia that feels like essential home goods.

The Retrowave collection, officially launched on March 23rd, comes with the same interchangeable silicone sleeves for your accessories (pipe & bong), but this time in three different new colors. 

This new edition of inspiring color combinations is a throwback from the past in a futuristic scene of uniquely crafted smoking accessories. A modern take on classic glassware with a retro 80s spin that adds life to a color palette that needed an edge.

Each one of the colors is inspired by its own class of leisurely pleasure and adventure.

And with that in mind, the intention of Session Goods was to create a piece that takes you on a journey. To top it all off, each design was a custom commissioned illustration by the artist Trang Pham that captures the essence of the environment that inspired the color.

Illustration by Trang Pham

3 Colors You’ll Get to Know


A rich, golden yellow inspired by the vibrant rays of sunshine that leak through the shades on endless summer days.

The sun hangs above your head, and its rays warm up your body inch by inch. A warmth that gently spreads over the white sandy cliffs and mixes with a refreshing ocean breeze that carries a smell of salt and suntan. The palm trees that tower around you sway hypnotically as the wind blows through them. 

The hours pass by slowly, and you get lost in awe for the day that shines a rich, golden yellow.


A hazed, amber-orange inspired by the burning desert sun when the day meets the sunset.

The mountainous landscape builds imposingly in front of you, casting its rocky shadow over a mars-like landscape that carves out darkened pathways as it intertwines complexly.

The desert wind blows violently and warm through the jagged canyons that spit out clouds of dust and grit right in front of your eyes. Suddenly noon disappears, and the sun begins to set, turning the entire landscape a warm amber orange.  


A cosmic, lilac purple inspired by the neon glow of a futuristic, neotropolis cityscape.

The misty evening fog creeps through the city streets as its lights begin to come alive. Buildings that seemed sleepbound begin to buzz electric and act as imposing guards that reduce the passersby to mere ants as they scurry through the alleyways that seem more like veins of a beating city heart.

The cold moon shines a light that leaks through the fog in a wave of cosmic, lilac purple in a frozen night sky.


To take you even further into your smoking experience, you’ll be granted access to 3 specifically curated Spotify playlists that set the aural vibe of each color. 

These are the links to each one of the playlists. 

I actually had the opportunity to listen to them in a wake n’ bake session with a hot cup of coffee as I wrote this article.

And let me tell you, the Paradise playlist is absolutely bomb.

What’s What?

Each Session Goods bong comes traditionally covered with an interchangeable silicone sleeve that protects your base from breaking and gives the piece an extra bit of grip to the surface you set it on.

With both the pipe and bong, you’ll be able to interchange different sleeve colors according to your taste and mood.

You’ll also be able to buy the bong and pipe together as part of a bundle pack if you feel, like us, that both accessories are indispensable to any toker.

Limited edition illustrations by Tess Pham @phamvuvantrang will be available for the first 500 orders.

More About Session Goods

A lifestyle brand destined for global recognition that’s still in its early stages and behaves like what they are; a highly collaborative group of passionate people that understand the power of craft design and know exactly how to combine it synergistically with moments of indulgence and permissible vices.

This is their story:

In 2017, four friends found themselves, centered around a bong, deep in conversation. Why hadn’t smoking accessories been given the same level of design attention as any other product?

The attitudes and perceptions around smoking were undoubtedly shifting, but the products used to enjoy them seemed deeply rooted in the counterculture of the past. They saw an opportunity to embrace evolving attitudes and challenged themselves to create products that felt homier instead of ‘illicit.’

In the course of a year, they dedicated nights and days, 7 days a week, to developing a brand different from any other they knew of. They began to call their meet-ups ‘working sessions,’ which ultimately gave way to the brand name.

At Session Goods, the pursuit of pleasure and indulgence is perceived as something that should be savored and celebrated in style. Relaxation is key to living a happy life, and their products are meant to be the spark that paves the path for it.

Pushing the boundaries of solid design, quality materials, and details that escape other brands allows Session Goods to multiply and enhance your satisfaction during these ‘moments of indulgence.’

March 25, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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March 25, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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