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learn | 12.20.2019

The Shatterizer Is The Greatest Portable Concentrate Vape To Hit The Market

The Shatterizer offers fresh to death design, insane cloudage, and convenience all in one.

Calling all concentrate lovers: If you’re looking for an affordable and portable vaporizer that brings out the flavor of your favorite form of cannabis, then behold the Shatterizer. From insane cloudage to outstanding battery life, this new to the market vape is about to shatter all your expectations.

The Canadian mastermind kept not only your needs as a consumer in mind while designing this one-of-a-kind device, but also your wants. And well, they’ve nailed every single one. No matter if you’re new to vaping or have been puffing on vapor for as long as you can remember, The Shatterizer is for you.

The Shatterizer offers fresh design, cloudage, and convenience

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If there’s one thing that makes the Shatterizer stand out the most, it’s the sleek and fresh design. The Shatterizer features a nifty domed glass piece up top, which will give you an up close and personal view of all the vapor action going on inside. But don’t let its small size deceive you. Upon exhale, you’ll be blown away by how perfect and huge the clouds are.

It’s not just the thick and milky clouds that makes the Shatterizer impressive. There’s also the smooth and tasty flavor it delivers with every hit. That too is thanks to the borosilicate glass piece.
Just to be clear, the Shatterizer is for shatter only. But by shatter, the company meansdabs, wax, crumble, and other cannabis concentrates. This brings us to the next feature, the magnetic storage jar.

If you want a clever and sneaky way to hide your concentrates while you’re on-the-go, then the magnetic wax storage container will keep them safe and out of sight. Since the jar is lined with silicone, you’ll never have to worry about anything getting stuck. Not to mention, they’ll always be within reach right at the bottom of your vape.

For added convenience, the Shatterizer already comes assembled. The storage box also doubles as a travel box, and includes all of the following:

  • Shatterizer Atomizer: resin cover mouthpiece, borosilicate glass and Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) and cap and one additional QDC coil
  • Magnetic Silicone Lined Wax Storage Container
  • Micro USB Cord with Pass-Thru technology
  • Shatterizer Lithium-Ion battery: 3 Stage Variable Voltage
  • Dab tool

The Shatterizer is long-lasting, versatile, and easy to use.

What makes the Shatterizer that much more awesome is its 3 Stage Variable Voltage lithium-ion battery with 1100 mAh, which offers over 40 hours of vaping. That’s about 70 hits per charge, even at the highest temperature. And to charge the device back up, it only takes roughly three hours. Even when you do need to plug it in, which isn’t often, the Pass-Thru Technology makes it so that you can vape and charge at the same time. As long as you’re around a USB Port, you can blow clouds anywhere and everywhere.

As for the temperature settings, there are three: RED (3.5 V, or 16 Watt), BLUE (3.8 V, or 19 Watt), and WHITE (4.2 V, or 23.5 Watt). So whether you’re a pro at vaping shatter or a rookie, you won’t have any trouble finding a temperature that suits your level of expertise. With only three clicks of the button, you can adjust the temperature settings just the way you like it.

The Shatterizer also comes equipped with 2 Quartz Dual Coils. However, if you prefer ceramic over quartz, you can opt for 5 CTECH Ceramic Coils, sold separately. Regardless of which you want to use, both will reach the desired temperature in a jiffy without interfering with the flavor of your concentrates.

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Final Thoughts

While the Shatterizer isn’t the most discreet vape on the market, it does have a lot to offer at such a small price. For only $54.95, you get everything you could ever want from a vaporizer.

In addition to its unique design, the Shatterizer provides perfect clouds and plenty of them. Not to mention, the vapor flavor is exceptional and ridiculously smooth.

Whether you’re out in the world getting things done or kicked back at home with nothing to do, the Shatterizer makes for a wonderful vaping companion no matter where you are. And it conveniently stores your concentrates so that they are always within reach.


So, there you have it vapers, the latest and greatest concentrate vaporizer to hit the market, shattering expectations one puff at a time. To get yours today, head on over to the company’s website while it’s still up for grabs.

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