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Ashing & Stashing: Two Common Toker Problems That Few Brands Address

Making ashing and stashing a customizable activity for weed smokers, as it should be, is a thing of the future that is here early. Created with Session Goods.

Joints and blunts ash very differently from traditional tobacco cigarettes. This places them in a special category when it comes to using an ashtray. Most of the problem stems from to particular issues; the smell that weed ash comes with and the gooey way it decomposes and adheres to pretty much any surface. This second one you can spot easily on your grinder if you’re not particularly judicious at cleaning it.

Sure, it’s not rocket science, but it’s certainly a problem to be addressed. Especially if you don’t want your family or friends smelling what you’ve been up to when they come over.

Another common concern that tokers look to solve on a consistent basis is stashing weed appropriately. This also involves sealing the smell away from unsuspecting visitors but most importantly, keeping your investment in high-quality weed safe from drying and gathering dust in some ill-prepared drawer.

That’s why Session Goods has decided to solve both of these issues for you. Making ashing and stashing a customizable activity for weed smokers, as it should be.

The Latest and Greatest from Session Goods

These two accessories were designed by Session Goods to help round out the smoking experience for any level of weed smoker. They are the first additions to two entirely new product categories for the brand. 

The Stash Jar is the perfect companion to keep your herb and your extra parts accessories organized and safe. Allowing you to always have extra fresh weed at a moment’s notice.

The Ashtray is the ideal piece for keeping your home ash-free and your joint perfectly held while deep into a session with friends. 

Both accessories are characterized by the sleek and modern design they share. They are specifically made to not take up too much space physically or visually and blend into any environment casually. Allowing you to leave them at hand at all times without drawing too much attention. Not to say, that the design for both of these pieces isn’t incredibly beautiful and holds a certain allure of its own.

All Session Goods products are made of high-quality materials and designed with an elegant and sophisticated look that highlights simple and functional smoking features. Session Goods’ mission is to inspire moments of joy, relaxation, and leisure through thoughtful designed experiences and products that don’t feel taboo. Their big picture vision is to inspire indulgence through permissible and sleek vices, creating an experience that helps keep people in the moment longer.

Things they have managed to maintain with these two new products. Let’s take a closer look.

The Stash Jar

This stylish and compact storage jar is designed to keep your precious herb fresh and extra Session accessories safe. The press-fit silicone lid it comes with fits Session Goods’ classic design perfectly, so if you already own several Session Goods pieces, rest assured that this one will fit right in with the rest.

Not to mention:

The airtight lid also prevents leaking and smell from becoming the igniter for an uncomfortable conversation.

The glass used on the jar is a black-tinted borosilicate, UV-resistant material that helps preserve the color and potency of your weed. By effectively protecting your cannabis from oxygen, light, and moisture you are guaranteeing freshness and potency for much longer than you would usually expect.

The stash jar also comes with a built-in bowl stand and a silicone base with three divided sections to hold your extra parts and pieces.

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The Ashtray

Keep your session both classy and clean with this modern take on the classic ashtray. Made specifically for ashing charred weed, the tasteful design of this piece balances design with premium functionality. 

Like the Stash Jar, the Session Goods Ashtray features a resealable silicone lid that prevents the smell of burning weed to take over your living room. 

The built-in debowler makes it much easier to clean your ashtray and gives you the option of simply replacing it. The debowler also serves a secondary purpose as a fire retardant.

But that’s not all:

This ashtray has other multiuse features like a bowl stand and two tapered rests for holding your joints and blunts. The piece also makes for a great travel companion with its sealable lid, on a boat, or in a car. Especially due to the silicone footer that protects the glass from cracking with unexpected turns or waves.

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