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This Is How You Can Easily Stop Your Joints From Canoeing

If you've been smoking cannabis long enough, chances are you've had a joint that has suffered this unfortunate fate.

“Canoeing” refers to when a rolled joint burns unevenly, causing one part of the cone to burn faster than the rest, resulting in an uneven burn and an uncomfortable smoking experience.


Don’t worry, though, because there are some simple techniques you can follow to easily stop your joints from “canoeing.”

What Is A Canoeing Joint?

Have you ever smoked a joint and it started to burn unevenly? Well, it looks like a canoe.

There’s nothing worse than rolling a joint for you and your friends and having it burn like the joint above? Seriously, it looks like a canoe.

Quick Solutions For Canoe Joints

If you don’t care why this happens, the only thing left for you to do is find an immediate solution to the problem. They’re basic, but they work on the fly. You can fix a canoeing joint as follows:


  1. Turn the joint upside down to even out the heat distribution.

  2. Put a little spit on the faster burning end to slow it down (gross. Don’t do this in front of someone you want to impress).

  3. Use a lighter to burn the end that is a little slower burning.


All of these options are unfortunate – who wants to worry about an uneven joint when you’re just trying to have a good time?

That’s why it’s best to address the problem from the start.

How To Keep Your Joints From Canoeing

Joints canoe for a number of reasons. Unfortunately for you, they’re all your fault.

One of the main reasons joints burn unevenly is because they are not rolled tightly enough. When there is space between the bud and the paper, the joint burns unevenly.

Another common cause of joints burning unevenly is that you don’t light them evenly. Rotate the joint as you light it to make sure all sides are lit.

Sometimes, joints can canoe simply because of the wind. The best way to avoid this is to smoke in a more enclosed area: a gazebo, parked car, or garage are fantastic options. Don’t be a fool and try to enjoy everything a joint offers in a windstorm.

Also, while some users love using joint rollers, many report that their joints are canoed more often. So, trust yourself. Grind the bud and roll it tightly to make sure your joints don’t burn unevenly.

Tips To Easily Stop Your Joints from Canoing

Choose Good Quality Weed

The quality of the cannabis you use in your joints can directly affect the way they burn.

If you use a low-quality weed, with lots of twigs or seeds, your joint is more likely to canoe. Therefore, be sure to use a good quality, well-cured weed with no visible seeds or twigs.

In addition, it is also important to grind the herb evenly to ensure an even burn and to avoid forming a central channel that can cause it to burn faster in only one direction.

Why It Is Important To Grind The Weed

To be honest, I even think there’s a nasty undertone to that question. Why wouldn’t you grind your flowers? Actually, the question is why do you keep breaking up your weed with your fingers? Why do you keep using that one-piece grinder from high school?

Good joints necessarily need well-ground flowers! You can’t create a smoker’s treasure by simply shredding weed and rolling it and then carburizing it poorly. Carburizing occurs when you can’t pack the weed tightly enough, and to prevent this Flower Mill has well-designed parts that are a functional delight.

To fully enjoy the potency and flavor of the herb, you must use a quality grinder. Ground, delicate, fluffy, well-preserved weed can outperform any poorly processed piece of junk you try to throw in a bowl.

Roll Your Joint Properly

The way you roll your joint can also affect the way it burns.

If it’s not rolled properly, it’s more likely to form a center channel that causes canoeing. Be sure to roll your joint evenly, applying even pressure and avoiding rolling it too loosely or too tightly.

Light Your Joint Evenly

The way you light your joint is also important to avoid canoeing.

Be sure to light it evenly, applying the flame smoothly and moving it around the surface so that it burns evenly.

Control The Speed Of Combustion

If you smoke too fast, one part of the joint is more likely to burn faster than the rest, which will cause canoeing. Therefore, try to smoke slowly and steadily, making sure not to inhale too hard or too fast.

Use Quality Rolling Papers

Choosing quality rolling papers that are strong enough to withstand combustion and not burn too quickly is important.

Avoid smoking papers that are too thin or of poor quality.

Why Do You Need A Quality Grinder?

Whether you like the 3-piece grinder or the 4-piece grinder, you know how much better your rolling game is with a quality grinder. You can quickly run through the five reasons why you need a good premium grinder, or stick to the basics.

First of all, time is money! The less time you spend grinding the product, the more time you will have to sit back and relax after rolling the J. With less time spent destroying the product, and actually using a good grinder, you will get a fluffy, resinous ground flower that will be easier to roll.

A quality grinder is also a clean, well-maintained grinder, not just a fancy, expensive piece of equipment that you let get grimy. A well-maintained piece of equipment will last longer, work more efficiently and produce cleaner results than a device that can’t be properly cleaned.

With even sharpening, a clean tool, and good technique, you can get a joint that doesn’t gunk! Give one of Flower Mill’s grinders a whirl, the danger is that you may never want to grind with a traditional grinder again.

When looking for a good grinder, we want one with a good rotor, a solid lock, and preferably one made of metal for easy cleaning and increased durability. While searching the market for something practical, beautiful, and durable, we came across the Flower Edition Premium locking grinder, made of stainless steel and engraved with a beautiful flower.

Everything about this grinder is crafted with precision and attention to detail; the chamber has no metal-to-metal contact, and the outer casing is made of aircraft-grade aluminum to make it lightweight. This stainless steel piece features a unique rotor design that shreds the herb gradually rather than forcibly breaking it up, resulting in a fluffier binding material.

This four-piece grinder is attractive and spacious, allowing you to grind and store your flower on the go or in your crib. These grinders, like the 3-piece grinder, excel at their primary job while keeping your kief separate in case you want to use it. It has an additional chamber in the middle with a tiny mesh that separates your ground herb from the pollen or flower kief.

If You Can't Find A Solution

If you try all these tips and still can’t roll an above-average joint, there’s only one solution. Start using a vape.

Friends, you deserve to enjoy your joints in peace, and without the anguish of the joint going away. Learn to spot the warning signs and know the quick fixes if you ever find yourself in a bind. Either way, happy smoking!

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