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How To Stop A Joint From Canoeing

Master the art of the even burn and learn how to fix a canoeing joint.

So, you’ve humbly come here because your joint is canoeing.

A joint canoeing means that your joint is burning unevenly on one side. It’s an annoyingly common occurrence and risks wasting some of your precious bud.

Fear not — there are many tips and tricks to help you get your joint back on track.

If you want to know how to stop a canoeing joint, read on to discover the best tips and tricks.

How to Fix Canoeing Joint

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Moisten the Faster Side

If one side is blazing ahead, a quick fix is to lightly moisten the fast-burning edge. Use a small drop of water or, if you’re not sharing, a dab of saliva on your fingertip will do the trick. This simple action can significantly slow down the burn rate, bringing balance back to your joint.

Rotate the Joint

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Keep the joint moving. Regular rotation during a session helps distribute the heat uniformly, making sure that no side gets more than its fair share of the flame.

Relight the Lagging Side

Sometimes, one side just won’t catch up. When this happens, it’s time for a targeted approach. Carefully apply a lighter to the side that’s lagging behind. This focused attention can quickly bring balance back, ensuring that every part of the joint burns at a comparable rate.

Shield From Wind

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The wind is not a friend of a perfect burn. It can whip the flame around, causing your joint to burn unevenly from the start. To combat this, shield your lighter and the tip of the joint with your hand or find a more sheltered location.

Try Rolling With Blunt Wraps

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Tap Off Ash Buildup

Keep an eye on the ash. An excessive build-up can obstruct airflow and contribute to a lopsided burn. Regularly tapping your joint to knock off excess ash helps maintain optimal airflow, which is crucial for an even burn.

Adjust Airflow

The draw of your joint is heavily influenced by how tightly it’s rolled. If you find the airflow is too restricted, or perhaps too loose, gently move the body of the joint in between your fingers to move around the grounded flower inside.

How To Prevent Canoeing Joint

Knowledge is power, and understanding how to stop joint from side burning will keep your smoke sessions running smoothly.

Here are some pre-smoke considerations to take to lessen your chances of experiencing the notorious canoe:

Use a grinder: Having large chunks of bud in your joint can create air pockets and lead to uneven burning (a canoeing joint).

Remove stems and seeds: After you’re done grinding, sift through your cannabis to remove any stems or seeds, which can also create air pockets and lead to canoeing.

Pack joint evenly and roll tightly: When filling the rolling paper, apply even pressure across the entire joint to make sure it’s evenly distributed and can have proper air circulation.

Light joint evenly: Take your time when lighting up, and make sure that the entire circumference or head of the joint is lit rather than just one side. An unevenly lit joint will likely start canoeing right from the start. Once it looks cherried all around, you can take a puff to see if the burn is around the entire joint.

Use quality rolling papers: High-quality rolling papers like those made from rice, bamboo or hemp are thin and will help keep the burn of your joint more consistent all the way around the joint. Thicker, low-quality papers like wood pulp can lead to one side burning faster than the other, creating the canoe.

Why Do Joints Canoe?

Why do my joints canoe?

It usually happens when the joint isn’t rolled tight enough, creating air pockets where loose cannabis can burn unevenly.

The moisture of the cannabis may also impact its burn; overly moist or unevenly dried cannabis bud is more likely to give you a canoe.

And, how you’re lighting up matters. Lighting unevenly or in windy conditions can cause an uneven joint.

So, if you’re consistently asking yourself, “Why do my joints burn uneven,” you now know the culprits.

What Happens If I Let My Joint Canoe?

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Has a canoeing joint really hurt anyone? Maybe just a few broken hearts.

If you let your joint canoe without any intervention, your joint can lose its structural integrity, and it can tear.

So, if you’re the type who doesn’t mind not smoking your joint all the way through, feel free to ignore the canoe. But for those who cherish every puff, it’s best to keep that burn even.

How To Stop A Joint Burning

If you’ve made the executive decision to put out your joint because it’s canoeing, here’s how to do it properly without compromising the rest of it:

  1. Gently tap the lit end of the joint against an ashtray or surface to shake off any burning embers. Avoid crushing the cherry.
  2. Once the embers are removed, check to make sure there isn’t any smoldering parts of the joint left.
  3. Store the joint in a dry place, and when you’re ready to relight it, start with the side that is longer to help even out the burn.

Sometimes, putting out your joint and relighting can be effectively how to fix a joint canoe.

A Final Note On Joint Canoeing

Throughout this article, we’ve learned why joints canoe, how to stop joint from canoeing, and how to not canoe a preroll in the first place.

Armed with this knowledge, you can now enjoy your smoother, more enjoyable smoke session.

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