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Learn | 05.18.2022

Strain Sense: Strains That Will Make You Laugh Your Ass Off

Get your LMAO on with these kickass Sativas.

Let’s face it; we’re all searching for that giggly and knee-slapping high we used to get. There’s nothing like the good old days when our tolerances were low, and the laughs were high…literally. 

If you’re on the hunt for the top Sativas to make you laugh your ass off to even the most stupid movies, look no further than these powerhouse strains below. 



For the best Chemdawg on the market, find it at Seth Rogen’s cannabis brand, Houseplant. This Chemdawg Sativa is the strongest variation of the strain, stimulating the mind with positive and humorous thoughts that’ll make you feel like a stand-up comedian (or an audience member). 

Pineapple Express

We promise this guide is not all about Seth Rogen. But, if you’ve seen his hilarious 2008 stoner flick with James Franco, Pineapple Express, you’d know this strain might get you and your giggly, curious friends in some serious trouble. This strain is known to rid the mind of negative thoughts while placing the user in a playful and witty mood. 

Super Sour Diesel

This punchy Sativa strain will have you rolling on the floor with waves of cerebral stimulation, energy, and endless laughter, a level up from Sour Diesel’s brother.

This strain is packed with beneficial terpenes, responsible for the tangy and diesel-like flavor and effects like mood elevation and giggles. 

Ghost Train Haze

From Canadian cannabis brand Ghost Drops, Ghost Train Haze is an AAAA Sativa cannabis strain that’s ready to fill you with euphoria and laughter. This strain is incredibly powerful and definitely not for the faint of heart. Therefore, it’s perfect for the seasoned cannabis user searching for a whimsical high.

Laughing Buddha

With a name like Laughing Buddha, the giggly effects produced by this strain are a given. This fruity and sweet bud won the Best Sativa-Dominant Strain award at the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup. The intense and lifted effects hit right after one pull, and you’ll notice how quickly the chuckles roll in soon after. 

Rapper's Delight

Brought to you by cannabis brand Cookies, Rapper’s Delight is an uplifting Sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s the perfect strain to smoke right before you plunk down for a comedy. Rapper’s Delight is a very energetic and euphoric strain that might make you drop a bar or two. 

Jack Herer

Named after the empowering cannabis advocate Jack Herer, this spicy Sativa strain is not one to miss. Considering it’s named after someone so monumental like Mr. Herer himself, you can trust that it will live up to your expectations with a heady, buzzy, and happy cerebral high packed with energetic effects to keep your spirits lifted.

Durban Poison

This strain is nothing more than a pure and powerful Sativa originating from Durban’s South African city. Durban Poison is great for the user seeking a thrill on their next adventure. It offers intensely energetic and mood-lifting effects that will leave you cackling for at least an hour.


Final Thoughts

There are plenty of fiery Sativa strains on the market waiting for you to try.

You can trust that we’ll provide you with the best of the best. We know how it goes; you’re looking for that same high you had when your tolerance was low. 

We’re happy to send you back to those giggly and euphoric experiences with the punchy strains noted above. After a simple puff, you’ll be looking for the next thrill and adventure, or maybe a one-way ticket to the couch with a new comedy. 

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