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Learn | 01.18.2022

The Three Best Spots In LA To Enjoy Life After A D8 Edible

It's time to pop a gummy and hit the streets. Created with Cannabis Life.

Cannabis enthusiasts alike enjoy living life after dosing with their preferred consuming method. I am particularly fond of the outdoors if not at home alone or with friends playing video games or a board game.

However, when I get a chance to step outside, pop some of Cannabis Life’s Delta 8 THC gummies to take the edge off, and explore a bit, I enjoy the sound of nature and the feeling of fresh air.

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What I am most particularly fond of is taking a hike, going for a ride on my motorcycle, or simply sitting my ass off at the beach, enjoying what life has given us for free.

Let’s take a look at three unique spots where you can enjoy life after taking some Delta 8 edibles!

Venice Beach

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This may be one of the most iconic and famous places in Los Angeles and the entire United States.

Unlike other trendy places in the states, which are primarily urban, overcrowded, and full of restrictions, Venice Beach has a magic vibe that will make you want to smoke or pop an edible if you already haven’t.

For this visit, for which I recommend the Cannabis Life Mango Twist D8 gummies, we want to take a walk down the boardwalk, take a look at all the cool shops and boutiques, and possibly dip our feet in the cold Pacific Ocean.

This place is full of vibrant and inspiring energy, which you can certainly take in to elevate your mood and get an uplifting, energizing user experience.

Many people come to Venice Beach for the sake of visiting one of the most sought-after beaches in the whole world, and it may not even be because of the beach, but the energy just described and the name.

So, take a gummy, walk around, see the skaters do their thing, talk with some locals or tourists, and maybe even get someone to join you for another cannabis session. 

Griffith Observatory And Hollywood Hills

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These two places go hand in hand because of the proximity they share and the number of incredible walking tours you could take to check them off your list in one go.

What’s so unique and special about these places is the view and scenery you will get to experience while high on D8.

The Los Angeles skyline looks impressive from the Griffith Observatory, and there are tons of places you can lay down for a lovely, relaxing afternoon of fun.

Tag along with some friends and enjoy the weather and deep blue skies that characterize this Cali wonderland. 

I’d take precautions and keep away from the blazing summer sun. Still, you can enjoy the fresh air and the calming, soothing effects of these Delta 8 Berry Blast gummies while getting to see some of the most iconic landmarks of Los Angeles.

The hills and landscape might inspire you, so take a notebook along and get to some sketching or writing!

Santa Monica

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The rich and beautiful Santa Monica beach and pier are two incredible places to enjoy life while under the soothing and relaxing effects of these Cannabis Life D8 Pink Paradise gummies.

This Los Angeles county must-see location is full of vibrant people, exciting shops and restaurants, and some of the most inspiring sights of the Californian coast. 

You could hop onto a tour bus if you’re interested in seeing the city from atop a double-decker bus, or you could stroll down the busy streets.

Either way, end your day at the pier. You will for sure love the energy and the majestic, inspiring sunset that will come close to no other. 

If you love the beach, you could take a dip in the cold, salty water of the Pacific Ocean or take a bike along the beach to enjoy the many different things that occur there.

If you’re in luck, you might see some people of interest or share a conversation with some locals!

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