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learn | 11.26.2019

How CBD Can Help Keep Your Pets Calm And Safe This Fourth Of July

Noisy fireworks are a big stressor for a lot of dogs. And often, these extend beyond just the evening show on the Fourth of July.

It’s no secret that cannabis can help relieve anxiety. But did know that it can do the same for your dog? Using nonpsychoactive cannabidiol (CBD)  to treat anxiety in your pets works in exactly the same way it does with our own systems – by responding to the receptors in our endocannabinoid system. Here’s why CBD can help keep your pets calm and ease their anxiety this Fouth of July.

Stress and your pets

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The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for balancing many of our body’s regulatory and immune system functions. CBD found in industrial hemp is among many cannabinoids which activate the ECS to provide a range of physical and psychological health benefits.

Your dog’s stress starts deep in the Limbic System of his brain, which is responsible for emotions, fear, and anxiety. CBD can act in multiple areas of the brain associated with anxiety to calm innate fears (spontaneous anxiety), reduce conditioned fear associated with traumatic stress (contextual anxiety), and reduce obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Cannabidiol accomplishes these effects by changing the behavior of the nerve cells in the brain through a process called cell signaling – providing a calming signal to the hyperactivated neurons.

Noisy fireworks are a big stressor for a lot of dogs. And often, these extend beyond just the evening show on the Fourth of July.  For some dogs, the Fourth holiday is a week long stress-fest, with fireworks right outside the house, strangers coming and going for barbecues, thunderstorms and, of course, culminating in the Fourth of July grand finale.

There are many ways to help dogs through their anxiety – and hemp-derived CBD is one of those ways.

How to keep them calm

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CBD is an amazing antidote for anxiety. In fact, CBD may be even better at controlling anxiety than psychoactive THC. While THC can make anxiety worse in some cases, CBD feels like being wrapped up in a calm blanket.

Calm & Quiet is the new, all-natural calming aid for dogs from Therabis that alleviates distress and panic many dogs feel during fireworks. By combining the power of pure CBD with L-Theanine, this supplement creates a comforting effect.

CBD from hemp, like what’s found in Therabis, goes to the root of dogs’ anxiety in their brains.  Studies have shown that cannabinoids can help calm hyperactive neurons in the Limbic System, causing a calming sensation in the dog.  – Dr. Steven Katz, DVM

It’s important to note that cannabis pet products should contain only trace amounts of THC, preferably less than 0.3%. Calm & Quiet is completely nonpsychoactive and will not get your pet high. Unlike humans, pets process THC differently. This is especially true when it is ingested orally. Animals are very sensitive to THC, and it should not be given to pets.

All Therabis products contain hemp-based CBD. Check out their website for more information.

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