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Learn | 11.30.2021

These Cannabinoid Waters Are Changing How We Drink Our Weed

Keef changed the game by bringing in CBG, CBN, and THCV into their line of cannabis-infused waters.

It’s a marvel to be alive at a time where the cannabis world is constantly innovating and finding better ways for stoners to get their much-loved THC fix.

Between the discoveries of new cannabinoids that offer contrasting effects, the creativity of cannabis chocolate bars and pre-rolled joints, the love affair we have with state-of-the-art bongs and pipes, another product has made its mark on the market: Keef’s revolutionary cannabis water.

Believe us; we’re as surprised as you are.

Keef Life H2O and Sparkling H2O are enhanced beverages that combine THC with other cannabinoids like CBN to fend off insomnia, CBG to ease pain, and THCV to give an energizing boost, making for a one-of-a-kind drinkable weed experience that can’t be compared to anything else out there.

Plus, the hefty 100 mg of THC ensures that every sip will take you on a wild ride to the outskirts of the psychoactive galaxy. 

Photo courtesy of Keef

Keef mixes the traditional THC with other cannabinoids for a reason: to tailor the experience to be more than just a way to get high and make the most of the many benefits the cannabis plant has proven to provide:

  • THCV has been used to treat ailments like anxiety, depression, and PTSD, all while giving you an energizing boost that will make you feel productive and ready to face the day. 
  • CBG does a heck of a job providing relief from inflammation, pain, nausea, and other symptoms that are often a by-product of living with a condition or simply feeling under the weather. It doesn’t have a psychoactive effect but elevates the THC experience.
  • CBN might have a slight psychoactive effect, but it’s more known for its sedative properties that combat insomnia, its use to relieve muscle and joint pain, and its neuroprotective benefits.

The low-sugar and low-calorie Life H2O beverage line are available in three enticing flavors: Strawberry Kiwi, Cranberry Lime, and Blueberry Lemon and comes in at less than 50 calories a bottle (as if we didn’t have enough reasons to be intrigued by cannabis water).

The Sparkling H2O is available in Blood Orange, Blackberry Coconut, and Raspberry, giving you plenty to choose between the two. 

Keef’s love affair with drinkable cannabis began way back in 2010, when the co-founder Erik Knutson set out on a mission to create a product that would combine the ease of taking sips with his love for weed, making the first batch of the then-named Keef Cola.

The story gets more interesting from there: he enlisted his first official taste-tester, his 85-year-old grandma, Dee.

She never touched a joint in her life but couldn’t get enough of the drinkable ganja (and now, no one can).

It’s been more than a decade since the first steps were made that would eventually lead to the creation of Life H2O, and it’s just gotten better and better.

Not only does the product keep its promise of getting you higher than a kite, but they’ve also found a way to make it a health-conscious way to consume cannabis.

Nowadays, they can be found at thousands of dispensaries and delivery services across Colorado (where they’re based), California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica.

Photo courtesy of Keef

The rest of the world awaits anxiously for this beverage experience to become available, but for now, Keef continues to pioneer as they command the forefront of innovation in the world of social cannabis consumption.

Both the cannaseurs and the cannacurious can get behind this revolutionary social way to consume weed, celebrating life through sharing, giving, and connecting.

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