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Things You Should Know Before Vaping CBD

One of the most influential factors for marijuana legalization across the world is its therapeutic and medicinal properties. And most of them come from one compound: CBD. Probably the most popular way to consume it is vaping, that's why we brought you all the things you must know if you plan to do so. Created with VapoCorner.

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The popularity of CBD escalated since the experts declared it to be remedial against depression and stress, which is a constant problem of our modern world. Later, vaping became the most popular way to consume it, not just because of its therapeutic benefits but also enhanced experience. If you haven’t been exposed to this material, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we have rounded up everything you need to know about vaping CBD so that you can make a sound decision. Let’s get into it.

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What is CBD?

It is a substance extracted from a plant named Cannabis Sativa — in common tongue hemp or marijuana. Its notorious image in the drug community has overshadowed its importance in medicine. For instance, CBD is widely used in the treatment of epilepsy, seizure, dystonia, and other chronic diseases. Plus, it is known for its therapeutic benefits and the ability to alleviate persistent anxiety, stress, and depression. Recently, manufacturers have started to infuse it in different products, including edibles, vape juices, etc.

CBD Vape Oil vs CBD Oil

People find these two terms; CBD oil and CBD vape juice synonymous with each other — which is nothing but a widespread misconception. CBD oil is unsuitable for inhalation and can prove hazardous to one’s health. On the other hand, CBD vape juice or distillate doesn’t have any oil but food-grade ingredients. That’s why it is safe to vape.

CBD Vape Oil vs CBD Flower

The reason strong hitters are attracted to vape oils is the higher concentration of CBD— 60%-80%. While flowers contain only 7%-15% of it. But both give out curative benefits and hence, relaxes and calms the user. However, flower one will provide a less concentrated hit, and might take a lot of fuel to provide similar effects to the e-juice.

Generally speaking, one has two options to vape CBD through a portable device. One being the refillable vape pens, outfitted with a rechargeable battery. The second one is the disposable CBD vape pens that are extremely compact but only last for a single session. Before making your final decision about a particular product, you can check out reviews on vapocorner.com official site.

What Dosage Should You Take?

There’s no hard line for the dosage because the tolerance varies from person to person. An average vaping cartridge contains 100mg of CBD. So, start by inhaling 1-2 mg and wait for its effects to wear off. Once you’d get the hang of it, you can gradually increase the intake.

Moreover, the dosage also depends upon the type of symptoms you want to treat. For instance, for inflammation and pain, you would need a higher dosage. Therefore, we would suggest you consult with a professional before playing it with your vaporizer.

Does Vaping CBD Get You High?

Unless it contains THC, it does not get one high. The oil used for vaping is manufactured industrially and has a negligible amount of THC which isn’t enough.

What Are The Side Effects?

Photo by Megaflopp / Adobe Stock Photo.

“Vaping CBD destroys lungs” is nothing but a fallacy. Recently, experts conducted extensive research and declared CBD to be safe to utilize. However, first-time users may show some symptoms like mild drowsiness, low blood pressure, red eyes, and dry mouth. Therefore, it is advised to keep the dosage minimum at first and gradually increase it over time once your body gets used to it.

Is It Legal?

The global community is divided into two groups; one that criminalizes it while the other does not. In the USA, the majority of the states have lifted the CBD ban after realizing its benefits. On the other hand, states like North Dakota, Nebraska, and Idaho has still imposed restrictions. Here you would need a prescription from a doctor to access the material while in other states the products are readily available.

What Are The Effects Of Overdose?

There hasn’t been a single case of CBD overdose that ended up fatal. Experts have claimed that an average human would need to consume 20,000 mg of CBD for a lethal outcome, which is pretty much impractical. However, a high dosage can lead to constant redness in eyes, nausea, and drowsiness.

Benefits Of Consuming CBD

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Various studies have demonstrated how CBD lowers anxiety levels in humans and treats many other disorders, including post-traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorder. The lifespan of its remedial effects depends on the dosage.

Moreover, it heightens one’s pain tolerance level by relaxing the overall body. Many claim it to be effective against neural pain but there is no solid proof to back this up.

May 27, 2020 — Last Updated May 28, 2020
Written by Herb
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May 27, 2020 — Last Updated May 28, 2020
Written by Herb
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