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Learn | 04.28.2022

Washington’s New Workgroup Will Look Over If Legalizing Psilocybin Would Benefit The State

$200,000 will go to the new workgroup in charge of navigating psilocybin's prospective legal journey.

Psilocybin is slowly making its way into government conversations, especially in Washington state, where its legislature is looking to designate a new workgroup to examine the benefits and viability of legalizing the psychedelic substance.

Per the initial report from Marijuana Moment, a budget bill landed on the governor’s desk, which included a $200,000 grant to fund a new workgroup designated to study how viable legalizing psilocybin would be. A main aspect of the group will be to use the current marijuana regulations and changes as an example.

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We’re still waiting to hear when Gov. Jay Inslee will sign off on the bill. When it does occur, the budget proposal for the Fiscal Year of 2023 reads that the Psilocybin Wellness Workgroup will create a “report on psilocybin services wellness and opportunities in consultation with stakeholders,” notes Marijuana Moment.

Interestingly, one core aspect of the workgroup will be to discuss and find relevance for the stalled Senate bill that, if passed, would legalize “supported psilocybin experiences” like assisted and guided therapy, only for those of legal age. Patients undergoing these therapeutic trials would be permitted to ingest forms of psilocybin with help from trained and state-licensed psilocybin service administrators.

Furthermore, another responsibility under the Psilocybin Wellness Workgroup will be to “monitor manufacturing, testing, and tracking of cannabis to determine suitability and adaptations required for use with psilocybin,” reports say.

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Perhaps the most important part of the Psilocybin Wellness Workgroup will be to analyze if everyone has legal and fair access to the substance once the government gives it the stamp of approval. The creation of the recent workgroup comes on the heels of Washinton filing a ballot that would hopefully legalize psilocybin use during controlled sessions with trained administrators (e.g., doctor or counselor).

According to Marijuana Moment, the Washington State Health Care Authority, along with several other agencies, will be in partnership to assemble the panel, which will be representatives or heads of the following;

  • Department of Health
  • Liquor and Cannabis Board
  • Department of Agriculture
  • A military veteran or representative of a veterans organization
  • Two “indigenous practitioners” with experience in psilocybin or other psychedelics
  • A psychologist familiar with psilocybin
  • A nursing professional
  • A disability rights advocate
  • A mental health counselor

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