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The Top 20 Stoner Games Of All Time

Guaranteed good time.

Top 20 Weed Games of All Time

Allen Ginsberg got it right, even back in the uptight 1950s: pot is fun. Good weed inspires play. And that’s why smoking games are becoming the drinking games of the 21st Century. (Added bonus: with weed, you can actually remember playing!)

Mentioning Marijuana

First up on your weed games list: Mentioning Marijuana. This idea is to watch a movie or TV show and to take a hit each time someone in the show mentions marijuana in any way. Hint: the game’s a lot more fun if you stack the deck by choosing a weed-oriented move or cannabis documentary. Of course, if you’re watching some other kind of movie, you can just change whatever has to happen before you get to take a hit. As in, if you’re watching a horror movie, take a hit every time there’s blood. You get the idea.

2. Weed Games: Cannabis Categories

Cannabis Categories is one of those weed games that requires you to think fast. Everyone sits in a circle. Whoever goes first picks a category and a letter. This can be bands, movies, foods, kinds of weed, or really any category you want. As an example, someone could choose bands that start with F. The person who picks the category and letter names the first example and takes a hit.

Afterwards, the weed is passed to the left and the next person has to name something fitting the category and the letter. If they can’t think of anything, they have to take five huge tokes of the weed and pass. If the second person can’t think of anything, they have to take 10 tokes. After two wrong guesses, the category and letter must be changed.

Only drawback: Every party’s gonna have at least one stoner who guesses wrong on purpose so they get to take the extra tokes.

Last Man Standing (or The Smokeout)

This is one of those weed games that is entirely based on overindulgence. While that wouldn’t be a good idea if it were a drinking game, with weed games it just means some participants might take unplanned naps. The only rule is everyone smokes until they’re not able to smoke anymore. When anyone simply can’t smoke anymore, they drop out and lose. Last man (or woman!) standing wins.

Have at least an ounce of weed (or a big device, like the Stündenglass) on hand if there’s more than two or three people participating. It would probably be a good idea to do this on a day or night when you don’t have much else to do.

4. Weed Games: Ghost That Hit

This is one of those weed games that pretty basic. All you have to do is take a hit and hold it in… and in… and in. Pass to the next person, and don’t exhale the smoke until the weed makes it back to you. Repeat, and keep going until there’s only one person left who’s been able to hold the toke during the entire rotation. (The name comes from the practice of “ghosting a hit,” which is when you hold a toke so long no smoke is visible on the exhale.) This is a perfect one for the PAX 3 vaporizer.

5. Weed Games: Traffic Lights

The point of Traffic Lights is to increase, by one, the number of hits you take each time the weed is passed. You’ll start by taking one hit and passing. Each time the weed rotates, you hit it once more than you did the last round. Oh, and you also have to hold your last hit in until it’s your turn again, just as in Ghost That Hit. If you weren’t high as a kite when you start this game, you will be by the time you finish.

6. Weed Games: Greenjack

Some stoner games are simply weed versions of games you’ve already played. Greenjack is like blackjack, where you want your poker cards to add up to 21 without going over. The only difference is, weed is the reward after each hand. The player or players closest to 21 in each hand get a toke or three. Hours of stoned fun.

7. Weed Games: Ash Bomber

Of all the stoner games, this one is guaranteed to generate excitement and anguish among the participants. You’ll need a few supplies:

  •  Wide-mouth jar or cup
  • Sheet of toilet paper, tissue paper, or rolling paper
  • Penny
  • Rubber band
  • Joint or blunt (not a bong or pipe)

Cover the opening of the jar with paper. Secure around the rim with a rubber band. Put the coin in the center of the tissue paper; light the joint. Each person takes a toke, holds the smoke in, burns a hole in the paper, passes, the joint, then exhales. Players must burn a hole in the paper each time they take a toke. The person who makes the coin fall is the loser; what that means is up to the participants, but one good “punishment” is making them roll the next joint out of their stash.

8. Weed Games: Bong Pong

A list of stoner games wouldn’t be complete without beer pong…for stoners. Players try to bounce a ping-pong ball into a cup of water or beer. If the ball lands in the cup, the person who made the shot gets to take a bong rip. If you’re using beer, you can either add the beer as part of the reward, or make the loser drink it; your call.

9. Weed Games: Jamaica Jammin’

This game is simple and fun, but before you start, you’ll need to roll a separate joint for each participant. Then put on the song “Jammin’” by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Every time Bob says “jammin” take a hit. If you’re really serious about this, also take a hit each time the backup singers say it, too. This will involve taking 4 hits in 4 seconds at one point. Be ready, stoner.

10. Weed Games: Medusa

Everyone sits in a circle with their own joint ready. All present put their heads down or look at their feet. On the count of three, everybody looks up at the same time, staring at another player. If you’re looking at someone who isn’t looking at you, you’re fine. But if you’re looking at someone who IS looking at you, yell, ‘MEDUSA!’ and fire up your joint and take a hit. Keep playing once everyone’s joint is lit until all are suitably stoned.

11. Weed Games: Never Have I Ever

This is definitely one of those stoner games where you need to make sure there’s plenty of herb to go around. Roll a few joints, pack a few pipes, load a few bongs, or all of the above. Pick someone to go first. That person makes a statement starting with “Never have I ever…” followed by some action. For example, someone can say, “Never have I ever… been involved in a high speed police chase.” Anyone who has ever done that, or experienced that, takes a toke. The next person to the left makes a “Never Have I Ever” statement, and the play continues around the circle. Bonus: If you’re in a particularly adventurous crowd, you can opt, instead, to play “Don’t Judge Me, But…” which is basically the same game, except confessional style.

12. Weed Games: Tokin’ Obstacle Course

This game can be as easy or as challenging as you like (don’t make it dangerous, though). All you need for a basic version is a living room and chairs, pillows, and blankets. Set up an obstacle course. Throughout the course, put various things to toke on: bongs, dab rigs, pipes, joints, blunts, nectar collectors, apples… use your imagination. Make sure everything is fully packed and loaded, ready to toke, before each round. Time each participant; fastest time successfully through the obstacle course wins. Crown the winner as King Toke or Queen Toke, then play another round for good measure.

13. Weed Games: Name That Tune

In the stoner games version of Name That Tune, each participant in the circle gets a chance to stump the others with an obscure song. You can use YouTube or other online music resources to find and play the music. If a participant stumps everyone, they get to take a toke. If one or more of the other participants successfully names the song and artist, they get to take a toke as a reward, and it’s their turn next.

14. Weed Games: The Band Name Game

Players start by sitting in a circle. (Ever notice how many weed-related activities involve a circle?) The first player starts by saying the name of a band, singer, pop group, or any musical performer. He or she then takes a toke and passes to the left. The second player must now think of a band beginning with the last letter of the band just mentioned. For example, if the first person said Pitbull, the second person would need to name an artist or band starting with “L,” such as Lil Wayne.

The player holding the joint has 10 seconds to come up with an answer. If he or she fails, they must “crock” a toke. That means kneeling on the floor with your head down, taking one or more tokes, and standing up while breathing in. While still breathing in, put your hands behind your head and lean back as if you are yawning. Then, move your head forward and breathe out quickly. There’s a big head rush involved. Be in a soft area with lots of pillows in case anyone falls down. If the person holding the joint names a band starting with the wrong letter, or a name that’s already been used, that player must crock five tokes.

15. Weed Games: Wasted Places

This is another one of the stoner games similar to the Band Name Game, except it uses continents, countries, states, counties, and cities.

16. Weed Games: Keep A Straight Face, Stoner

This weed game is pretty much explained by its name. Once everyone is high AF, the game begins and you are no longer allowed to smile. Anyone caught with a smile on their face has to perform an agreed-upon penalty. You can make the penalty something as pleasant as taking a dab, if you wanna be nice about it.

17. Weed Games: Strip Choker

This daring, clothing-optional game is sure to spice up any party. It would be prudent to make sure none of the participants are going to be uncomfortable first. Once that’s out of the way, the basic idea is to pass around a bong or a dab rig. Each person who chokes has to remove one item of clothing. Almost every crowd has at least one person who’s both an exhibitionist and power toker; you know they’re gonna choke up on purpose, don’t you?

18. Weed Games: Stone, Paper, Scissors

Stone, Paper, Scissors is simply the toking vision of Rock, Paper, Scissors. It’s one of the weed games that works great in small groups of two to four people, but it can be done at larger gatherings too. You just have to play via a process of elimination until it’s down to a one-on-one grand championship. Just throw your choice of stone, paper, scissors, and the winner gets to take a hit. It’s the ultimate in low-tech entertainment.

19. Weed Games: Marijuana MacGyver

Players can use anything in the house to make a homemade pipe, bong, or smoking utensil. The winner is whoever’s piece is nicest, by vote. Everyone should try out the winner’s bong for at least one bowl. This is one of the weed games that actually leaves you with something…other than great stories, of course.

20. Weed Games: Seven Tokes to Infinity

We saved this one for last for a reason. It’s only for the most serious stoners. The rules are both simple and difficult. You must use a bong with a one-hitter bowl. If you have more than a one-hitter bowl on hand, allowing pre-packing, even better. Once you take your first hit, you can’t take a breath besides bong rips until you have finished seven bowls. You must hold each toke for at least two seconds, and you must cash each bowl and clear each hit in one pull. The winner is the person who finishes the seventh bowl without choking. Ties are broken by those who can hold the eighth hit the longest… again, without choking. Winner gets mad respect, plus whatever prizes you decide.

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