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What Cannabis is Right for Me? How To Find Your Perfect Experience

When it comes to cannabis, finding the right fit can be tricky. Here's how to select the best products for you.
What Cannabis is Right for Me

Photo by Sunday Goods

Cannabis is a personal experience. Some people enjoy the herb while they’re out with friends, while others prefer to use it for solo introspection and creative exploration. As such, it’s essential to find products that fit into your life and provide the experience that is most meaningful to you. Wondering what cannabis is right for you? This guide will help you find your perfect experience.

Pick Your Mood

Choose which cannabis joint is best for your experience

Photo by @mahdz for Sunday Goods

Cannabis comes in different flavors. And by flavors, we don’t just mean taste. Different cannabis plants can produce specific experiential effects. Some plants are more sedative, for example, while others are more alerting. Some provide more of an uplifting cerebral experience, while others offer a tranquil mood. 

The first step toward crafting the perfect cannabis experience is knowing how you’d like to feel. With that idea in mind, it’s easier to narrow down products that may fit your desired mood. If you’re craving focus and clarity, for example, it’s probably best to avoid plants that make you sleepy. Similarly, if you’re seeking something calming, finding a plant that is unlikely to produce anxiety is a good recommendation. 

Already, brands are developing cannabis products that make it easier to find your desired moods. Sunday Goods Pre-Rolls provide excellent examples. The Pre-Rolls come in three different moods: Delight, Spark, and Rest. When a Friday night hangout is on the menu, Delight was formulated to keep the laughter going. When you need some serious nap time, Rest can help you close your eyes. 

So, what’s your mood today?

Learn the Language

Man smells cannabis

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

Cannabis has its own language. When reading a product label, there are a few keywords and initialisms worth knowing. Most importantly, THC, CBD, and CBN. Each of these initialisms refers to a specific chemical compound produced by the cannabis plant. These compounds are among the most important active constituents found in the herb, and they provide the bulk of the plant’s experiential effects. 

Recognizing these individual components and understanding what they contribute to a product will help you select products that better fit your needs. Here is a brief breakdown of the effects that each compound provides:


Short for tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the primary psychoactive constituent in the cannabis plant. THC is responsible for the euphoric “high” that cannabis produces. In general, the higher the THC content, the stronger and more potent the cannabis experience. 


CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is perhaps the second most abundant cannabinoid that the cannabis plant produces. Unlike THC, CBD is not known to produce intoxication in low to moderate doses. The compound does, however, have an effect on mood. If the early scientific research is worth its weight, CBD holds potential as an anti-anxiety agent and may lessen the potency of THC. 


Cannabinol, also called CBN, is a lesser-known cannabis compound. The molecule is a break-down product of THC and is most abundant in aged cannabis. While CBN is not associated with the strong psychoactive properties of THC, it may have sedative qualities. Cannabis products that contain this cannabinoid are thought to produce more tranquilizing effects than their counterparts that contain little CBN. 

Know your Ratios

Photo by Georgia Love for Herb

Knowing which active compounds are present in a cannabis product is essential for understanding its overall level of psychoactivity. The next layer of the puzzle is to understand ratios. Different cannabis compounds produce different effects based on their proportional relationships. Here are a few examples:

Delight Effect Pen

Delight Pen

Photo by Sunday Goods

The Delight Effect Pen is an example of a high-THC product. This portable vaporizer pen contains a 10:1 ratio of THC to CBD, providing a robust psychoactive experience. 

Spark Effect Pen

Rest cannabis pen

Photo by Sunday Goods

The Spark Effect Pen is an example of a CBD-dominant product. This portable vaporizer pen contains a 1:3 ratio of THC to CBD, which means that it will not likely produce feelings of euphoria or intoxication. Instead, this product provides a mild and focused experience. 

Soothe Effect Pen

Soothe cannabis pen

Photo by Sunday Goods

The Soothe Effect Pen is an example of a product that contains an even balance of THC to CBD. A 1:1 ratio, to be exact. While this product may provide a mild intoxication, it will produce a comfortable and calming experience overall. 

Rest Effect Pen

Photo by Sunday Goods

The Rest Effect Pen is an excellent example of a mixed ratio strain. This portable vape pen contains a 10:5:1 ratio of THC, CBD, and CBN. This product will provide a noticeable intoxication, along with feelings of sedation. 

Know your Intention

Girl smoke Bong with sunday goods weed inside

Photo by Connor Fyfe for Herb

In essence, by picking the right product, you can select the mood that fits with what you’re doing. Chances are, the cannabis you choose for happy hour is probably different from what you enjoy right before bed. After all, no one wants to yawn while catching up with old friends. 

Before picking out your cannabis, it’s worthwhile to reflect on how you intend to use the product. Do you plan on using it mostly for solo time, or would you like to share it with friends? Similarly, would you prefer a gentler option like a vaporizer, or would you prefer a smokable pre-roll? 

Once you’ve settled on your mood, your desired potency, your intention, and your format, you’re several steps closer to finding the perfect cannabis for you.


Sunday Goods Cannabis Pens

Finally, while all of the above tips and tricks will get you in the ballpark of your ideal cannabis product, your final task is to experiment. If you’re new to cannabis, purchasing a variety pack of pre-rolls or portable vaporizer pens may be a useful way to try out products that appeal you. 

When experimenting, however, there’s one golden rule to follow: start low and go slow. It’s better to have a lack-luster experience and gradually work your way up than risk having a bad experience by consuming too much in one sitting. For best results, take a small taste or two at a time, and then wait at least 30 minutes before trying more.

July 12, 2019 — Last Updated August 06, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox
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July 12, 2019 — Last Updated August 06, 2019
Written by Anna Wilcox

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