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What To Expect From A Delta 8 High

First time trying Delta 8? This guide's for you. Created with Eighty Six.

There’s a lot of talk going around about all these new cannabinoids that the weed industry is discovering to the delight of stoners everywhere.

One most the most common up-and-coming ones is Delta 8, the hemp-derived psychoactive substance that just recently made an appearance in labs and is now found in many products to lighten up the mood at any point and time.

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What Is Delta 8 THC?

Photo by Keti Chikhladze, @immigrantstoner

Yeah sure, you’ve been hearing the term thrown around here and there. But what exactly is Delta 8?

We’ve got you with a pretty digestible explanation that’ll have you feeling like a Delta 8 expert in no time.

Basically, Delta 8 is a compound found in trace amounts in cannabis which without a doubt will get you high but probably won’t have you as out of this world as regular Delta 9 THC.

It’s a chemical cousin of Delta 9, with a few small differences that make it another experience.

Think of Delta 8 as diet THC, all the flavor and effect but with less of a boom.

How Does Delta 8 THC Interact With Your Brain

Photo by Keti Chikhladze, @immigrantstoner

Delta 8 interacts with your brain in a way that is pretty similar to Delta 9.

It connects to the magical endocannabinoid system hardwired in your brain – especially the CB1 receptors that connect to the central nervous system and have your body feeling woozy and your mind exploring different dimensions.

The key difference is that it doesn’t bind quite as strong as regular delta 9 does, giving a more low-key high. 

How Does A Delta 8 High Feel Like?

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A Delta 8 high can feel similar to a Delta 9 one, but with less paranoia and a gentler experience.

You’ll feel the classics: euphoria, focus, sedation, and generally good vibes. However, as with all weeds, it really depends on what you’re looking for when it comes to picking the right strain. 

For example, Eighty Six’s Cookie Monsta cartridge will bring upon creativeness, a touch of happiness, and great sleep.

Given that the holidays are just around the corner, their Hot Cocoa Delta 8 brings a mix of Lava Cake and Jet Fuel to the table, making you feel relaxed and focused.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more energizing and great for social situations, check out the Piña Express cartridge that packs a (light) punch.

Delta 8 THC High vs Delta 9 THC High

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So if Delta 8 and Delta 9 are so similar chemically, what’s the real difference?

While they both share a double bond in their structures that produce the intoxicating effect that makes you high, they’re placed in different areas of the chain of carbon atoms: Delta 8 is on the eighth bond, while Delta 9 rests on the ninth (makes sense, right?).

The main difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 is potency. Y

ou’ll definitely feel it, but it’ll be a much more mellow experience that highlights the good and brings down the bad things that sometimes come with an overwhelming high, like anxiety and paranoia.

How Long Will It Last?

Photo courtesy of Eighty Six

It’s hard to say how long a Delta 8 high will last. At the end of the day, everyone reacts differently to cannabinoids and you won’t truly know until you give it a chance.

If we had to put a number to it, anywhere from three to eight hours (hopefully the latter so you can make the most of every puff). At any rate, you’ll want to try it yourself and let us know how it went!

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