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Learn | 01.18.2022

What’s The Best Way To Consume Cannabis For Sleep?

Find out how to make the most of each sleep with cannabis. Created with PLUS.

All cannabis consumers have their own favorite way of ingesting the plant, whether that’s through edibles, tinctures, smoking, or vaping.

Finding your favored way of using cannabis is simply through trial and error, but did you know that one of these methods is ideal when looking for a good night’s sleep?

Insomniacs are constantly turning to the cannabis edible market to help them drift off into dreamland, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up feeling refreshed.

There is some trial and error in this process as well, as your perfect dosage might not work for someone else.

We want to help you achieve some quality shut-eye with the leading sleep edibles on the market, PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies.

With a motto like “One Bite & It’s Goodnight,” we had to give these gummies a shot and share our findings. PLUS offers two kinds of sleep edibles, the Dual Action Sleep Cloudberry (5 mg THC, 1 mg CBN, 1 mg CBD/piece) and the Dual Action Sleep Lychee (3 mg CBD, 2 mg CBN, 1 mg THC/piece). 

Now that you’ve ordered your first PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies, it’s time to learn how edibles can take your slumbers to the next, peaceful level.

As most seasoned cannabis consumers know, edibles have a delayed reaction and can usually take about 30 minutes to one hour and a half to kick in fully. 

We would suggest chewing on an edible an hour before bedtime, but the PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies impressively offers a fast-acting effect on the user.

In fact, the company boasts that their gummies will take effect in a record time of eight minutes! PLUS completely reformulated the cannabis edible gummy to have a long-lasting effect and keep your eyes shut for eight hours. 

As per the dosage, we encourage you to start slow.

As noted above, both PLUS Dual Action Sleep Gummies come in different dosages that were designed to give you a peaceful sleep.

If you’re an experienced cannabis user, opt for the higher THC content in the Dual Action Sleep Cloudberry. For newcomers, the Dual Action Sleep Lychee is your best option. 

Edibles make for the perfect sleep aid not only because they offer a wave of relaxing sensations but they stay in your system far longer than smoking and vaping.

What are you waiting for? Experience that full-body bliss rather than a head high, allowing every muscle to relieve tension and relax, winding down for a quality sleep you deserve. 

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