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Learn | 02.02.2022

Why Are Premium Batteries Important?

A cheap battery can ruin even the most premium cartridges. Created with TOQi.

Have you ever had a cart, that just plugged no matter how you pulled? Sometimes the issue with vaping with 510 cartridges, is the unpleasant clogging or tasteless puffs because of a generic battery.

Generic batteries tend to be dangerous when overheated and will probably last 3-4 months at best. That means more pollution and waste, as although it might seem inexpensive at first, in the long run, you might’ve wanted to get a premium battery vaporizer instead.

This is why we’ve gathered the main reasons why we recommend saving up and getting a premium battery.

Not only does it get you a better and more consistent way of smoking your favorite Delta 8, Delta 9, or CBD carts, but it is much safer and more sustainable.

Premium batteries have recognizable brands that can guarantee their quality and create a patented design to get the best airflow possible. Temperature regulation is also a really important thing to get the most out of your liquid gold.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the main reasons why we’d go for premium battery instead.


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One of the main reasons to splurge a little more on a better quality battery is safety. Most batteries have unregulated and cheap circuits, that could lead to overcharging and spoiling your battery.

Not only it could ruin your smoking session by overheating or burning your precious oil or wax, but it might also get dangerous!

Some cheap batteries can even explode when overheated, so even as a safety measure, I’d recommend never leaving a battery unattended.

The material quality of each battery is pretty important. If the heating device or inner coils are made from low-quality materials and metals, you might be smoking the battery instead of your actual oil.

So when buying a battery for your 510 carts, look for one that clearly states what materials it has.

Temperature Regulation

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Now, most cheap batteries will probably only have one mode.

That means you either just pull from the cartridge or press a button and then start smoking. Although this might work for you at first, you might also notice that having just one temperature will probably not yield the best smoke.

This is because generally speaking, cannabinoids tend to boil at different temperatures. So a “one-size-fits-all” might overheat your Delta-8 and the puffs might not feel as effective as other times.

For example, while Delta 9 THC will boil at 315°F, Delta 8 THC has a higher boiling point at 350°F. CBD has an even larger number with 356°F, and newer cannabinoids in the market like THC-V will boil up to 428°F.

Terpenes are also less flavorful in different temperatures. Pinene works better in lower temperatures, while Humulene and Caryophyllene tend to taste stronger with high temperatures. 

Higher quality batteries like the TOQi 510 will have several temperature regulation functions, which can help with heating your preferred cartridge better.

That means consistent smoke puffs that paired with the perfect cart, will make vaping a smooth experience every single time.

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The TOQi 510 Wireless Vaporizer has 3 different heating functions (low, medium, and high), so you can properly heat your cart depending on the cannabinoids inside.

So whether you want more flavor and concentration, or lighter puffs, these kinds of batteries are better if you want your cartridges to hit the right keys every pull, while your cart lasts for longer.

Sustainability & Durability

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Speaking about durability, cheaper batteries often end up in the trash. As they are constructed to be used just a few times, these devices will end up in some landfill after a few weeks of use.

Instead of having to buy 5-10 batteries a year, a premium device will last you for 2 years or even more.

Premium batteries are created with durability and sustainability in mind. Most of these devices will have better quality materials and recognizable brands that back their quality up.

And this is important as you can get lots of smoking sessions, while not having to worry you’ll have to get a new replacement soon.

Most of the time, the durability of cheap devices leans on how much you have to charge them, making them overheat and last less.

And most importantly, although affordable, these batteries might break easily, which in the long run will cost more than getting a premium device.

Even though cheap batteries might seem inexpensive, they always need a new cable of sorts.

Whether it is the old USB type of cable or some weird connector that often gets lost, rendering your battery unusable.

Instead, some premium rechargeable devices have a better battery life with newer ports (like USB-type C), or even use wireless charging, which makes life a lot easier.

Three things to look out for in a premium battery, are newer types of ports and technology, bigger battery capacity, and safe materials that will make your device last longer.

This means lots more smoking sessions, without having to buy a new charging cable or battery every so often.

One of our favorite premium devices that gathers all 3 things to look out for is the TOQI 510, which has a USB Type-C port that charges up to 80% in 20 minutes.

It can last up to 5 days with moderate use and has wireless charging in case you already have a phone that can charge that way.

And by having a larger battery and more juice, you’ll be able to get the very last drop of your cart, while hitting your delicious puffs consistently.

Better Smoking Experience

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In the end, as the old saying goes, if you buy peanuts you get monkeys. Cheap devices tend to overheat your cart, which could end up in clogs through the devices’ mechanism.

This also happens with simpler batteries where you just pull, as they don’t have temperature regulation. That means you get less quality smoke and have to wait to pull hard hoping it unclogs or get a less than ideal burnt taste. 

Premium devices are often engineered to give you the best puffs possible, having better airway flow in its design. Most brands also make sure to have only safe materials in their design, skipping the dangerous heavy metals that might be present in inexpensive devices.

In the end, devices like the TOQi 510 will give you a better smoking experience than your cheap battery. Regulating the temperature, bigger battery life, and better airway flow will give you consistent puffs each time. 

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