10 Coolest Dab Mats


Check out some of the coolest dab mats that we could find on the internet! From Family Guy to The Godfather, these mats will be sure to impress.

Lukas W
Mar 22, 2016

We’ve found 10 awesome dab mats that can seriously impress your friends, I mean who wouldn’t love to spice up there dab game? And the best part about these mats is that most of them are under 20 bucks each!

1. Dr. Suess

dab 1 10 Coolest Dab Mats
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This mat should resonate with a lot of dabbers because of the memories that accompany Dr. Seuss books. This mat is the perfect throwback to your childhood days, yet with a twist that embodies the modern day dabber!

2. Back to the Future

dab 2 10 Coolest Dab Mats
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Although a little bit creepy, this mat should be a big hit with all the Back to the Future fans out there. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to see Doc take a ginormous glob?

3. Dabbin’ donuts

dab 3 10 Coolest Dab Mats
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Any coffee and donut fans will definitely enjoy this take on the popular American coffee shop. One of my favourites, this mat is simple and brings together three awesome activities. Potentially even a nice three-way, take a dab, sip some coffee, and munch on some donuts!

4. Darth vapor

dab 4 10 Coolest Dab Mats
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Although not a dabbing theme, this mat could be an excellent base for your vaporizer tower or even the mat for an awesome portable vaporizer station in your home.

5. Dank of America

dab 5 10 Coolest Dab Mats
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Anyone that banks with BOA should surely appreciate this mat. A great way to represent your bank as well as the great flower that is marijuana.

6. Family dab

dab 6 10 Coolest Dab Mats
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Known as one of the top shows to watch while stoned, this mat will show your allegiance to one of America’s favourite shows.

7. Dab-out

dab 7 10 Coolest Dab Mats
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Any fans of the Tapout clothing brand should appreciate this simple 1 letter swap that makes this dab mat relevant! Simple and attractive, I dig it.

8. Johnny dabber

dab 8 10 Coolest Dab Mats
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Whisky drinkers finally have a way to showcase their favourite brand while scooping their favourite wax off this awesome mat!

9. Rick and Morty

dab 9 10 Coolest Dab Mats
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Fans of the show will dig this detailed dab mat based on the famous characters. Although a little bit risque, this mat should appeal to diehard loyalists of the show.

10. The dabfather

dab 10 10 Coolest Dab Mats
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The final mat on the list is an epic take on the classic film, The Godfather. This is my favourite because of the quality of the art as well as the theme it represents, all for a super low price!

Find all these dab mats here.

What did you think of these artistic dab mats? Does one of them in particular catch your eye? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Lukas W
Mar 22, 2016