10 Best Times During The Day To Get High

Any time of the day in the perfect time for a smoke session, but these specific times make the high especially enjoyable.

Jun 8, 2016

The question is: When is the best time to catch a buzz? The answer is: Always. There is no wrong time to break away and reach an elevated mindset, but there are certain times of the day when the enjoyment is extra special. Cannabis enhances even the most mundane tasks, making it the perfect pick-me-up to indulge in throughout the day. Maybe don’t try all 10 of the best times to get high in one day, or do, either way, a lifted attitude is sure to remain intact.

1. Wake up, bake up

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“Begin at the beginning” has always been my motto. The logical choice for kicking a day off correctly? Wake and bake. It sets the tone for the entire day and makes the usual morning routine seem less excruciating. Because tasks like packing lunches, dressing children and ensuring spouses have their coffee and briefcases weren’t meant to be completed unaided.

2. Exercising perception

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Many people who regularly exercise experience a natural high, caused by endorphins released in the brain. THC is stored in fat cells and as these cells burn during a workout, small amounts of THC are released into the bloodstream, literally enhancing the natural exercise high.

3. Shower power

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For some, a few good tunes and the warm flow of a shower head on bare shoulders is an invigorating way to energize muscles and prepare for the day ahead. For others, the shower is a place to weep uncontrollably and wonder how life has led to this point, contemplating if that terrible job is a necessity.

Either way, smoking before a shower leaves users feeling rejuvenated, able to take on the day, whether they’re ready to or not.

4. Lunch date

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Many of us might only have a 30-minute lunch break to eat and unwind before returning to the hustle and bustle of a busy day. After quickly devouring a meal, many users find a post-lunch smoke is exactly the lift they need to carry them through an especially hard afternoon. A vaporizer would be best for these special occasions, helping to reduce the scent, while still providing a superior high.

5. Returning to the nest

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Nothing can compare to the amazing feeling of finally completing another long work day. Once the safety and seclusion of home is reached, decompressing with a potent concentrate is the perfect way to ease an over-worked mind.

6. Netflix and smoke

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Streaming services, like Netflix, provide endless hours of entertainment, perfect for a relaxing night in. Most of us enjoy binge watching a new series in three days, while indulging on equal parts cannabis. Something about smoking just increases our investment into characters’ lives.

7. Pre-dinner bake up

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It’s an undisputable fact – food tastes better after catching a buzz. Nothing is better than having the munchies right before a huge meal is presented. A smoke session before dinner is a must-try experience for any cannabis enthusiasts.

8. Post-dinner bake up

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Dinner is usually the largest meal of the day and often leaves eaters feeling bloated and lethargic. Indulging in a nicely packed bowl, or an easy-to-smoke blunt, after dinner can help aid in digestion and alleviate any uncomfortableness.

9. Instant arousal

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In the female brain, cannabis has been shown to induce the same relaxing chemical reaction associated with climaxing. These chemicals help to reduce anxiety and depression, and, in some cases, can even increase sensitivity. Smoke before the stroke, just saying.

10. Nighty night, sleep tight

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Be sure to take a few tokes before drifting off to dreamland. Cannabis can help to achieve a deeper state of REM sleep, an important part of gaining restful hours. A nice indica strain will induce relaxation and ease users into a sleepy state of mind.

What is your favorite time of the day to indulge in cannabis? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Jun 8, 2016