7 Reasons Why The Cannabis Plant Is Awesome


Weed is awesome! Here’s seven reasons why.

Sera Jane Ghaly
Jan 2, 2016

We’ve decided that cannabis appreciation time is an excellent way to start 2016! So we’re taking this opportunity to do some cannabis worship, and share with you the appreciation of the cannabis plant by reminding you how awesome it is.

Maybe you tried smoking pot once upon a time, but never really got into it. Or maybe you started smoking pot a long time ago and never quite gave up the pleasure. In any case, there is an ocean of reasons why the cannabis plant is awesome, its versatility of uses and medical properties is only where it starts.

Even the social implications of the cannabis plant are downright awesome, and no one can deny its controversy over the years.There are enough rumors out there around why cannabis is dangerous and a threat to society, but rest assured, that’s all wrong. Cannabis is one of the most amazing plants on the planet, and here are 7 reasons why!

1. You can’t die

joints 7 Reasons Why The Cannabis Plant Is Awesome
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Marijuana is one of the only drugs (chemical or recreational) where there is absolutely no threat of overdose. In fact, there has never been a single recorded death from marijuana. It is predicted that one would need to smoke 15,000 joints at the same time to overdose, and even then it would be a death by carbon monoxide poisoning rather than a cannabis overdose. Cannabis gets a tick of approval for safety!

2. The variety of uses!

modern uses for hemp 7 Reasons Why The Cannabis Plant Is Awesome
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Cannabis is one of the most versatile plants on the planet. For thousands of years it has been used to make medicines, as an intoxicant, to make fibers and materials, as well as a food source. The cannabis plant can be used for just about everything since humans discovered that it could be used at all, and now is one of the most agriculturally rich products on the market.

3. Cannabis kills cancer

grown by hand 7 Reasons Why The Cannabis Plant Is Awesome
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It has been known for a while now that cannabis is really effective in treating the symptoms of cancer, but it is now coming into light that cancer can actually stop the growth of tumors and even reverse the process. Scientists have been working on extracting these cancer fighting properties from the cannabis plant, and we now have strong, cancer fighting cannabis extracts available on the market. People are using CBD oils and tinctures to treat cancer and are proving it a success!

4. It’s controversial

big bud 7 Reasons Why The Cannabis Plant Is Awesome
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Okay, maybe even this point is controversial. This is one of the reasons that people think marijuana is NOT awesome. But it is such a controversial plant, and has been for so long and in so many cultures, even among ancient civilizations who used plant medicines. Cannabis has always stirred the pot in society a little bit, given governments and societies something to work with if you will. We think it’s one of the reasons that cannabis is so awesome.

5. It’s fun

if friends were stoners 7 Reasons Why The Cannabis Plant Is Awesome
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People often like to neglect this when it comes to identifying why marijuana is awesome. This probably has something to do with the controversy factor. Well, let’s face it. Smoking marijuana is downright fun. Being stoned is one of the most pleasurable feelings in the world, especially when it is shared between friends or lovers. The point is, this experience is healing on much more than just a physical level, for those that are using it that way!

6. It increases cognitive function

herb on the brain 7 Reasons Why The Cannabis Plant Is Awesome
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The way that cannabinoids work in the brain is to increase the function of brain receptors that would otherwise be inhibited by the cannabinoid that is already present on it. What that does for cognitive abilities is amplify the user’s creative ability, giving them the opportunity to expand on a single thought much faster than in a sober condition. This assists in creativity for art or problem solving and overall increases intelligence.

7. It grows way faster than a tree and its materials are much stronger than a tree

forest 7 Reasons Why The Cannabis Plant Is Awesome
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We use trees to make materials such as wood and paper, but it is far more environmentally sound to do so with cannabis. It grows much faster than a tree, reproducing itself exponentially faster, meaning there is less damage to the environment. We need trees for breathing, and cutting them down to make materials we could use cannabis to make seems pointless. Cannabis makes materials that are much stronger and easier to produce than trees!

Sera Jane Ghaly
Jan 2, 2016