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9 Things We Do When The Weed Runs Out…

We all have different reactions when the weed runs out. If you are smoking daily, then it´s never a nice feeling when you see that empty bag.

Dec 3, 2015 - Sera Jane Ghaly

Just like there are many different types of stoners, there are many different types of reactions to running out of weed. If you are smoking daily, then it´s never a nice feeling when you see that bag dwindling down.

But realizing it is completely empty is one of those life situations that has the potential to bring out the worst in people. So, some people regress to a temper tantrum and enter a stoner rage. Others get very, very creative in their desperation and find a solution.

Well, there a plethora of ways to deal with having run out of weed. Here are 10 things people do when that bag of ganja is out!

1. We keep a bag of crumbs hidden for our own ‘personal use’.

Everyone has been guilty of this at least once or twice. Faking having forgotten the bag at home and so having to smoke everyone else’s weed, or just plain hiding their weed under the pillow for no one else to see. Luckily a friend with weed is a friend indeed

2. We smoke bowls instead of joints to conserve weed.

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Even if they are a joint lover, they will compromise the smoking experience to be able to get high again. There might be two or three bowls in a joint, so why smoke once when you can smoke three times?

3. We enter complete hypersensitivity and enter into a stoner rage.

This is the psychological stoner withdrawal. When these stoners have spent the previous two weeks floating on a cloud, and are gently put back down on earth, everything is frustrating. Entering hypersensitivity zone, where everything triggers the most incredible outrage.

4. We scrape the hash off the edges of their grinder.

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This is one of those innovative stoner creations, invented by a stoner who didn´t want to mope about having no weed, and wanted to get on with the task of getting high. Well, scraping the sticky pieces of hash that have accumulated on the edges of your grinder is a good way to get high when you have no weed. It´s smokeable and it´s very potent.

5. We moan about how low they are on weed to attract sympathy weed donations from their friends.

All their friends are stoners, and they know that all their friends have weed. So they synchronize a meeting with all of their stoner friends to advertise the fact that they have no weed and have no money. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t that their friends donate weed in an act of sympathy.

6. We wait patiently and soberly until they can obtain another bag.

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This is probably an unlikely event. Have you ever met a chronic stoner who just waits patiently in a sober state until payday to obtain another bag of weed? Well, maybe it´s possible. It is definitely an option!

7. We panic.

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This stoner enters a complete panic when that bag has dwindled down to a single crumb. Everything is going to fall apart. Work, family, the house, the car – everything is going to come to a tragic end. And sleeping? No way!

8. We call in the resin angels.

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This is another one of those creative stoner solutions – except that it must have come from the marijuana angels in heaven. Well, once upon a time someone called on them, and they answered with the most delightful news. If you use a pipe for smoking, you can actually scrape the resin out of it. Using a bobby pin or something sharp to scrape and collect, you can smoke your treasure. It is black, has a funny taste and a funny smell, but it does get the job done!

9. We go out and they buy more weed.

Well, this is the smartest and easiest solution. Don´t panic, don´t resort to smoking the remains of what you have already smoked. Just call your dealer or call a friend, and buy some more weed. That was easy, wasn´t it?

Tell us what you do when you run out of weed!

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