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Meet the Prometheus, The Unbreakable Pipe Here To Solve All Your Weed Pipe Woes

When you’re smoking on the best pipes, there are no problems.

Jun 27, 2018 - Brittney Sanger

Photo by pixdeluxe via Getty Images

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Photo by pixdeluxe via Getty Images

If there’s one thing all weed smokers can relate to, it’s the BS that comes with pipes. Firing up a bowl of even the most excellent herb has only a few perks. They are super simple to use, and eventually, they get you high. But sooner than later, pipes start to lose their flair. Or worse; they break. That’s why you always need to be on the lookout for the new and the exciting, the pipe that solves all your problems. Luckily, we think we’ve found one of the best pipes in the world today.

Problems we’ve all had with pipes and the best pipes for solving every single one

After just a couple of bowl packs, your weed goes from tasting like authentic grass to ass. Not to mention, let one slip out of your hands, and you can kiss your pipe and your bud goodbye. Although pipes are a dime a dozen, they manage to fail epically all the same. But amidst the variety of disappointing bowls, there’s a new kind of Pyp, solving every pipe dilemma you’ve ever faced. Here are some of the most irritating pipe problems and how the best pipes, aka the Prometheus Titan and the Prometheus Pocket, are refining the traditional bowl.

1. Regular bowls break, but the best pipes are indestructible

Sick of shattered glass and smoking the same bowl Meet the best pipes on earth that are solving every pipe problem youve ever had1 Petition To Legalize Cannabis Launched In New Hampshire
Photo courtesy ofPyptek via

How many pipes have you dropped in your lifetime? Odds are, at least two, or three, or fifty. That’s because they’re made of delicate, shatter-prone glass. If your bowl so much as hits the carpet the wrong way, then you can expect to see a ding somewhere. But if you drop a pipe on a hard surface, then there goes your bowl, all over the place and in a million pieces at that.

For the love of all things weed, can we get a bowl that won’t break already? Why yes we can. Thanks to Pyptek, there are finally pipes that cannot break, no matter how much abuse they endure. Although the Prometheus Titan and Prometheus Pocket feature a borosilicate glass tube and bowl, they are shielded by Anodized 6061 T-6 Aluminum, the same stuff they use to build planes, jets, and so on. On top of that, the glass is even guarded by shock-absorbing rubber gaskets. With all that protection, there’s no way those bowls are ever going to snap.

2. With the best pipes, you can smoke dry herb and get your dab on, too

There’s a problem you didn’t even know you had with bowls, and that’s the fact that you are limited to smoking bud. The best pipes in the world, on the other hand, let you have the best of both worlds. Using one of three of Pyptek’s concentrate attachments, which are compatible with both the Prometheus Titan and the Prometheus Pocket, you can use your pipe to dab.

Keep in mind that when using these attachments, you’re getting a direct hit. However, each Prometheus pipe features a carb hole to cool down the smoke, so your dabs might kick your tail, but at least the draws won’t be overly harsh. Plus, a knocking high isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Sick of shattered glass and smoking the same bowl Meet the best pipes on earth that are solving every pipe problem youve ever had2 Petition To Legalize Cannabis Launched In New Hampshire
Photo courtesy of Pyptek via

3. Traditional bowls clog, but the best pipes come with screens and don’t sacrifice the flavor of weed for a cheap hit

There’s much debate on whether or not you should use a screen for a bowl, but there’s truthfully no good excuse not to use one. Unless you like clogged pieces, a screen is a pipe essential. Aside from keeping the smoke moving, they also preserve the flavors and aromas of the all-natural herb. In other words, you get tastier hits. Furthermore, screens prevent scooby snacks, aka those cringy weed bits that tend to shoot into your mouth from time to time.

Not everyone thinks about buying a screen when they purchase a bowl, primarily because they don’t see them as a necessity. But it’s all good, because, with the Prometheus Titan and the Prometheus Pocket, you don’t have to have them on your mind. Each comes with a Screen Kit to make sure you get fresh puffs regardless.

At last weed smokers, you have a bowl that’s made to last. If you’re on the clumsy side, then the best pipes on earth can handle the constant drops. Not to mention, they offer more than just hits of your favorite flower. With the Prometheus Titan and the Prometheus Pocket, you get one of the only pipes in the world capable of serving up dangerously delicious dabs. Buy two, and you can use one for a carb cap, and the other for sweet tokes.

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