This Is Why You Only Need To Hold Your Hits For 3 Seconds


Three-second hits give your lungs time to transport those sweet cannabinoids to your blood stream and prevent your brain being starved of oxygen.

Jun 23, 2017

At one time or another, we have heard a friend say “Dude, if you hold your hit longer, you’ll get way higher.” Friends, this is wrong, and it’s time to clear up this serious and prevalent misconception. Spreading falsehoods like this lead to some of the not so fun side effects of smoking weed, which can easily be avoided if we help one another to stay informed. Let’s discuss why you only need to hold your hits for three seconds.

The science

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So, let’s start with the lungs. Whether you’re inhaling smoke from a joint, or a dabbing, this applies to you. When you inhale cannabis, your lungs perform the way they would as if you were taking a giant gulp of fresh air.

As your lungs expand, the alveoli (air sacs), pick up oxygen and THC, along with other cannabinoids, and pass them along to your blood vessels. This is how THC is transported through the body, and ultimately how you get high.

Holding your hits too long

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The misconception is that holding your hits longer means that you will get higher. For a number of reasons, this is untrue. First, the reason you feel higher when you hold your hits longer is actually because you are depriving your brain of oxygen.

Ever held a hit for what seems like forever? You probably got all light-headed, and said something like “yeah, you’re totally right, I’m so high.” It’s because not giving your brain oxygen does that to you.

In addition, according to a study conducted in 1997, your lungs can only use so much of what you inhale. The study reads, “The lung consumes about 5% of whole-body oxygen uptake.” 5%? That isn’t much. No matter how long you hold a hit, your lungs and body can only use so much.


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Upset by this revelation? We get it. We’re all like to believe that holding a hit for 23 seconds makes us a little higher. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Luckily, though, there are a few ways that you can get more high.

First, take a hit of a joint sprinkled with kief or a concentrate. These will be the extra punch you need to get the high you’re looking for. Dab instead of sticking with flower. Concentrates are all the rage right now, and continue to get stronger by the day – why not try them out? You’ll notice the difference in the length of time it takes to get high (about .35 hits when you’re first starting).

Overall, the three-second hit is ideal. It gives your lungs time to transport all of those sweet cannabinoids to your blood stream. It also prevents your brain from going crazy due to the lack of oxygen.

Jun 23, 2017