What $20 Worth Of Weed Looks Like In India

Economically speaking, $20 in India can go a long way. And when it comes to that sweet Sheeba, you might be surprised.

Mar 13, 2016

India, the mother of all nations; the birthplace of man’s cosmic journey into spirituality and the closing of his love seeking. How much is $20US in India? The short answer is 1,341.10 Rupees. Translating this into terms of relativity for the well-informed cannabis enthusiast going to India: How many grams of ganja can I BUY? 

Drop your ego NOT your wallet!

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All sense of ”vacation” is dropped in India. The plan one might have constructed in his head of activities or sight-seeing would soon take an immediate left turn upon arrival. It’s hot, the streets are crowded, animals, cars, bikes, rickshaws, fruit vendors, beggars, trains, everything is everywhere! The immediate shock triggers the mind’s defense mechanism: ”Get me out of here and somewhere chill! I want to smoke one.” Ego surfaces.

The initial impression of India would seem chaotic at first glance. At second glance, extremist. We could avoid these busy places and take ourselves anywhere we wish if our budget is strong enough. With a few $20’s, we could paint the town red (over and over again). However, if our journey has brought us there and the sense of seeking has suddenly clicked in our heads, a ceremonial celebration is required: Sit… Connect fire with Earth and become one with all through clouds of smoke that penetrate all beings. Upon further awareness, our vacation transcends into Journey.

Weed is floating in the air!

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How can you put a price on a ceremony and an activity that brings people together to meditate and share a relaxed moment? And in this day and age, how priceless is a minute of relaxation!  In the great territory of India marijuana is not scarce. But even greater than the quantities of marijuana that abound in India is its history with this plant. A history we must understand if we wish to BUY marijuana there at some point.

The journey is priceless

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In India, this would translate to “worthless”. There is no amount of money that you can pay or possess to find yourself and realize your purpose on this Earth. The people with whom we would connect with in our search of ganja would make us aware of this meaningless activity; Yes, everybody smokes, you can smoke for free but, WHY are you smoking? If you are smoking to “get high” in the simplest sense of the word, to escape reality, then it will cost you. Economically and spiritually.

According to recent visitors known to me, for about 500 Rupees in the North, a decent 10 grams of marijuana can be acquired. Further in the South, Goa for example, 1,000 Rupees are good for 5 grams of quality hash. Seems like prices don’t vary much nowadays due to globalization.

If you are smoking to enjoy, relax and celebrate; this will cost you nothing. An invitation would certainly find you. India is a mystical place where the plant is respected and celebrated and at the same time bought and sold in circles of humans with a lowered consciousness on the matter. The price will undoubtedly vary depending on our traits as a human being. In my opinion, the only cost you should incur in India for marijuana is the price of knowing yourself.

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Mar 13, 2016