How To Get Guaranteed Female & Auto-Flowering Cannabis Plants

On a hunt for quality feminized cannabis seeds? Check out UK-Based ICE Cannabis Seeds. They’re experts in feminization and auto-flowering plants.

Nov 16, 2016

Searching for beautiful and high-quality cannabis seeds in the UK? Do you live in an area where cannabis cultivation is legal? One UK cannabis seed bank has set out to provide superior feminized cannabis seeds to enthusiasts around the globe. Feminized and auto-flowering seeds are the specialty of ICE Cannabis Seeds. ICE provides consistent products that are easy to grow and produce reliable crops. Here’s how to get guaranteed female cannabis seed.

What are feminized seeds?

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There’s a reason dried cannabis is called “bud” or “flower”. The part of the plant that most people consume is the dried flower of a female cannabis plant.

In this sense, the herb is incredibly unique. While the majority of plants out there contain both male and female parts, cannabis plants are distinguished by sex.

To get a truly top-notch crop, growers need to cultivate unfertilized female plants. This can make buying cannabis seeds tricky.

Guaranteed female plants

Why spend money on seeds that may potentially produce male plants that you cannot use? How do you ensure that the seeds you’re getting will produce females rather than males?

Enter feminized cannabis seeds. To avoid male plants altogether, breeders have cultivated seeds that consistently produce female plants.

One UK company,  ICE Cannabis Seeds has made guaranteed female plants their mission. They offer a wide selection of feminized seeds have been bred without male chromosomes.

This ensures that every plant produced by those seeds is female, avoiding the risk of unwanted male plants and potential crop pollination altogether.

Ice Cannabis Seeds: feminized and auto-flowering

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On a hunt for the perfect cash crop strain? For any of those UK Cheese fans out there, be sure to check out ICE’s Cash Crop Auto Seeds, which are both feminized and auto-flowering. These unique seeds will not only produce female plants, but they will also begin to bloom automatically without force-flowering for weeks of waiting.

Cash Crop Auto Seeds are indica-dominant and  known to produce THC-laden buds with beautiful purple and deep green coloration. Excellent for both new and experienced growers, Cash Crop cannabis seeds are high-yielding and ready in 8 weeks or less.

The best part? They won’t be contaminated by male plants.

ICE ships their seeds worldwide and features over 1,000 different strains. You can sort through strains that have won previous Cannabis Cups, peruse plants with varying THC and CBD levels, and find products from different reputable European breeders.

ICE’s large selection of easy-to-grow cannabis seeds is a great resource for new and professional growers alike. As a word of wisdom, ICE has created these seeds for germination in legal cannabis region. In the UK, seeds can be used as fishing bait or for collection purposes only.

Nov 16, 2016