How to keep your weed fresh: The best cannabis storage container on Earth

By failing to store cannabis, you’re diminishing the strain’s flavors, aromas, and its ability to heal you.

Apr 13, 2018
Keep your weed fresh with the CVault Storage Containers

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Properly storing your weed isn’t of paramount importance to every smoker, but it should be. If you want to keep your weed fresh, then settling for a plastic bag isn’t going to cut it. Like most products, weed does come with an expiration date. By failing to store your medication in an ideal environment for keeping herb fresh, you’re not only cutting the life of your favorite flower short, but you’re also taking away from its flavors, aromas, and ability to heal you both mentally and physically.

Being surrounded by stash jars, stash bags, and humidors make your search for the right container for storing your cannabis excruciating. All promise to maintain the pureness of your bud, but the only real way to find out is to spend your money, try them out, and hope for the best. Rather than potentially blowing way too many dollars and having one too many grams of herb go to waste, keep your weed fresh from the moment you pick it up from your dealer or dispensary to the time you smoke it with the CVault Storage Containers.

CVault Storage Containers keep your weed fresh by using 2-way humidity control.

CV This doctor tried to convince Carl Sagan to stop smoking weed
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When it comes to keeping your cannabis fresh, humidity is everything. If the humidity range, or RH, isn’t between 58% and 64%, then eventually, your sticky voluptuous buds will transform into a dry, crumbly pile of herb, which may or may not get you high as you’d expect. The thought of trying to maintain the perfect humidity range on your own may seem complicated, but with the right product, aka CVault Storage Containers, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

CVault Storage Containers create the ideal environment for your precious herbs in two ways: with the product itself, and the 62% Boveda/Humidipak. Like mason jars and other glass storage jars, CVault Storage Containers are air-tight. Unlike many methods, however, these storage containers are also light-tight. Too much sunlight alone can dry out and ruin the quality of your product. But by tossing your favorite flower into a CVault Storage Container, along with the Humidipack, you can be double-assured that your sticky-icky won’t soon become “Reggie” bud.

Comprised of stainless steel, CVault Storage Containers are not only durable but also light in weight, which is yet another reason why they are the best solution for curing and storing cannabis so that it stays fresh and in perfect burning condition. By maintaining a steady humidity level for your precious ganja, these storage containers prevent both the loss and gain of moisture, ensuring a lifespan of up to 6 months. Bet you didn’t even know weed could last that long.

You can store as little as 7 grams or as much as two pounds of bud inside CVault Storage Containers to keep your weed fresh.

CVault Storage Containers This doctor tried to convince Carl Sagan to stop smoking weed
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Do you have practically an entire harvest of weed in need of proper storage? Or, are you just trying to keep a couple of grams fresh for a special occasion? Whatever the case, CVault Storage Containers has you covered. In addition to the Small CVault Humidity Curing Storage Container, which holds 7 to 12 grams, these storage containers come in a variety of other sizes, including a 21 Liter Stainless Steel Container with Lid that can hold a whopping 2 lbs of bud.

Because they’re available in so many sizes, CVault Storage Containers are also stackable. That makes these storage containers perfect for storing themselves. And being that they feature a lovely food-grade, stainless-steel design, they are great for showing off to friends and family, too. But of course, they’ll be most impressed by what’s on the inside.

Along with being suitable for storing all sorts of amounts of bud, CVault Storage Containers can match any budget. With prices ranging as low as $23.99 for a smaller container to $99.99 for the largest of the bunch, extending the life of your stash doesn’t have to break the bank, but you can still feel free to splurge. Once you realize just how well the CVault Storage Containers can maintain the sticky-icky, there is no going back to the plastic bag or mason jar.

Apr 13, 2018