Pineapple Bong: How To Make A Tropical Summer Hit

Get into the summertime vibes with this 100% Hawaiian bong, made entirely of a locally grown pineapple by the legendary Master Bong.

Jul 18, 2016

Another great instructional video from MasterBong shows just how much fun you can have while creating a bong out of fruit. Over in Hawaii, he tries to use organic material when possible for his beautiful pineapple bong. Although some of the parts require a Hawaiian vacation, this bong can be customized to whatever materials you have around the house. Enjoy!

Island-Centric pineapple bong

Master Bong specifically wanted this pineapple bong to represent his holiday in Hawaii. With a bowl made out of an apricot pit and a papaya down-stem, his rendition couldn’t get any more local. We can even assume that the cannabis that he used in the bong was grown locally, making his creation 100% Hawaiian.

Master Bong has always been a very big fan of “McGyvering“: simply the act of improvising whenever a problem arises. He stresses that everyone’s pineapple bong will turn out differently. So whatever materials you may be using, there will always be a smart way to improvise and create the best bong possible.

As long as you know the mechanical function of a bong, you can engineer a bong where the only limitation is your imagination!

What is your favorite fruit-themed bong? Does this video make you want to visit Hawaii that much more? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

Jul 18, 2016