Smoking Weed and Dabbing At The Same Time??

Smoking weed and dabbing at the same time is now a reality, as Josh from Strain Central shows us.

Nov 3, 2015
Smoking weed and dabbing at the same time

It feels like Josh from Strain Central has taken the liberty, on behalf of all the stoners out there, to make real the possibility of smoking weed and dabbing at the same time.

To be honest, this video is worth watching to see the size of the bowls he packs and the machinery he is using with his bong.

Y-shaped epicness

Basically, with a Y-shaped wishbone adapter that he adds to his bong. It has another water chamber as well, so when he puts this thing on his bong it becomes a piece of high tech machinery.

Now that he has two bowls, thanks to his beautiful wishbone adapter, he packs one with wax and one with keef! He has to occupy both hands to light the thing, one hand with a lighter for the keef, and the other with a hot stoker for the wax.

It was a little too much..

The bong he is smoking sure does fill up fast in the video, and poor Josh struggles to catch his breath afterwards. It´s also funny to notice that this video of his is only a few minutes long compared to his other longer ones – after that hit he decides to call it an episode.

Well, this video is proof that it can be done! You can dab and smoke weed at the same time, in a bong, and shoot yourself into outer space!

Nov 3, 2015