How Safe Is Your Vape Pen?

SOURCEvapes has set out to ensure that your nails and dab pens are made from high-quality, human-safe materials that are safer, and healthier.

Nov 11, 2016

Never underestimate the power of heat. Most cannabis consumers probably already know that taking fire to some dried bud or plopping concentrate into an enail transforms plant material into a psychoactive vapor. But, have you ever wondered what that heat does to your smoking device? How safe is your vape pen, anyway? One company has set out to ensure that your nails and dab pens are safe and healthy.

Know your metals

4 1 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?Vaporizing is a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis. Yet, not all vaporizers or enails are equal in safety. This is especially true if your vape pen or portable enail contains unknown metal alloy and low-quality ceramic.

Why? Metal oxidizes when heated to high temperatures. This releases potential carcinogens and other damaging free radicals. With a poor-quality product, you’re not only inhaling THC but traces of other chemical compounds released by the enail or vaping apparatus as well.

Ceramic with lower quality will ruin the taste of your concentrate and might contain impurities.

If you’re on the hunt for a safe wax pen, metal components must be tested in the USA, and preferably made from Grade 1 or Grade 2 Titanium, Ceramic, or pure Quartz. If not, the metals will be mixed with other compounds and the ceramic impurities will also vaporize with the concentrate.

Most inexpensive dab tools are made with untested metal alloy, not high-quality titanium. This increases the risk of inhaling irritating and damaging free radicals. Not only is this potentially harmful to your health over time, but the oxidation distorts the flavor of the concentrate.

This is far from ideal for anyone hoping to enjoy some top-shelf wax or shatter.

SOURCEvapes: USA tested for your safety

2 1 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?Fortunately, one company has set out to create safer vaping and dabbing products. SOURCEvapes offers wax pens and portable enails made from high-quality, human-safe materials.

SOURCEvapes products are made with quartz, ceramic, grade 1 or grade 2 titanium, and Stainless Steel 303. All components of their products are lab-tested in the United States to ensure purity.

One of their newest products is the SOURCE orb 4, a vape pen with stainless steel 303 construction, with nine different unique concentrate atomizers, including three double coil and five coil-less atomizers.

Instead of giving you one option on how to enjoy your concentrates, SOURCEvapes believes in giving you the power to choose how you prefer to experience true taste.

This is also evident since all of their works are easily cross-compatible, like between SOURCE orb 4, SOURCE nail Portable eNail, and SOURCE orb XL Triple Coil vape pen.

Safer vaping with SOURCEvapes

 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?For those who already have a battery, SOURCEvapes offers an Attachment Kit with a coil-less quartz vape pen. You can also choose between a Premium and Signature kit.

All kits are 510 threaded. The Premium Kit features a lovely dab pen and six different atomizers. The Signature Kit contains eight different atomizers and a temperature controlled battery.

Even better, the SOURCE Signature Kit features a temperature-controlled battery. This unique feature has a couple of advantages.

First, keeping concentrates in the optimal temperature range means that you avoid burning off those coveted cannabinoids and terpenes. Second, maintaining temperature control avoids overstressing the materials.

SOURCEvapes give you a safer, healthier, and tastier smoke. #ExperienceTrueTaste and save your lungs with the SOURCE Orb 4. Dab-lovers out there should be sure to check out their 510 enails, too.

Vape safe, order your new favorite dab pen on their website

Nov 11, 2016