4 Ways To Store Weed So It Stays Fresh

Three key things influence how long your weed stays fresh: air, light, and moisture. Remember this if you want your beautiful buds to maintain their glory.

Feb 24, 2017

Dry weed sucks. Not only is it harsh on the lungs, but it also tastes terrible. So, how can you avoid crumbly, crispy buds? By keeping your ganja fresh, of course. By properly storing your stash, you will preserve its quality and delightful aroma. Not to mention, the high you get from fresh cannabis will never disappoint you. Three things greatly influence how long your weed will last: air, light, and moisture. If you want your beautiful flower to maintain its glory, here are four ways to store pot so it stays fresh.

1. Store your buds in a glass jar

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There are two excellent glass options for saving your ganja: mason jars and specialty pot jars.

As long as it’s glass and keeps the air away from your green, you’re good. Unfortunately, too much air can quickly damage your precious herb.

When your cannabis comes into contact with a lot of air, the moisture on its leaves begins to evaporate. As a result, you’ll be left with crumbs that’ll hurt your lungs when you smoke them.

Glass is a natural substance and can keep the air out while preserving the flavor of your buds. However, it cannot protect your weed from sunlight, so do store your jar somewhere dark and cool, like inside a cupboard.

2. Keep your pot inside a dark, metal container

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If glass isn’t what you prefer, then there is another option: airtight metal. Titanium, in particular, is the best choice because it will preserve the wonderful flavors of your herb.

Although other metals often produce gasses that affect the characteristics of cannabis, Titanium does not. You can leave your weed in this specific metal container as long as you want without it losing flavor over time.

In addition to avoiding other metals, you also need to stay away from plastic. Plastic is an okay short-term option. However, storing your pot in plastic will ruin the flavors if left too long.

3. Choose a cannabis humidor

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If you want the best of the best when it comes to storing your ganja, then invest in a cannabis humidor. Not only can they control the humidity, but they will also maintain the freshness of the herb.

They tend to be on the pricey side ($300) but they are a sure way to keep your cannabis from drying out.

Controlling the humidity is crucial if you want to avoid dry buds. After the humidity levels reach 75% or above, cannabis will begin to mold.

You want to keep the levels between 50 and 65%. A cannabis humidor, such as the Cannador, can maintain those levels while preventing air and light from damaging your beloved weed.

4. Stay away from the fridge and freezer

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Do not, under any circumstances, consider putting your weed in the fridge/freezer. You should avoid using both, but you need to especially keep your weed away from the freezer. Freezing can cause the trichomes to separate from your ganja.

You NEVER want your weed to lose trichomes. Instead of choosing the fridge/freezer, find a different dark and cold place to store your herb.

Also, don’t store cannabis above household appliances that produce heat, such as the microwave and oven. The heat from these appliances will rise and possibly dry out your weed.

Feb 24, 2017