7 Cannabis Strains That Don’t Cause The Munchies

Many have a love/hate relationship with the munchies. For those hoping to avoid a pizza binge, you need these seven strains.

Jul 1, 2017

Not all cannabis strains cause the munchies. For some, the munchies are a dreaded side effect of cannabis consumption. For others, the appetite-stimulating effects of the herb can be potentially life-saving. If you fall into the former category, opting for strains higher in cannabidiol (CBD) might be your best bet. While getting lifted sure does feel great, the psychoactive nature of the herb may also be what is making you so hungry. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) provides both mind-altering effects and boosts appetite. If you really want to avoid the munchies, you may need to pick up a strain with lower THC levels.

1. Pennywise

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Pennywise is one such strain. Pennywise often provides a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Studies have shown that CBD reduces some of the appetite-stimulating effects of THC. This is why 1:1 strains are such great choices for those hoping to have more of a “normal” appetite. As an indica, Pennywise is relaxed and comfortable. While it may cause a little elevation, it will not provide the euphoric experience of a high-THC strain.

2. Doug’s Varin

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Doug’s Varin is a rare find, but this unique sativa may help some people curb their appetites. Energizing and upbeat, Doug’s Varin is considered a head-focused kind of bud. Unfortunately, this strain does produce a significant amount of THC, which means that there is a chance that this bud might still make you hungry.

Laboratory tests suggest that this strain can produce about 19 percent THC and 15 percent of another cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). THCV is a speedy cannabinoid that is currently of interest in diabetes research.

In fact, a clinical trial of 62 diabetic patients found that THCV reduced blood glucose, improved insulin response, reduced blood pressure, and reduced inflammation markers. Rodent research suggests that treatment with the cannabinoid caused non-obese mice to spend less time at their feeding stations.

3. Black Beauty

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Black Beauty is a great alternative to Doug’s Varin. This strain is also thought to produce high levels of THCV. In fact, this flower is expected to produce a 2:1 ratio of THC to THCV. This makes Black Beauty a top choice for those who still want a bit of a buzz yet are hoping to avoid some serious pizza binges. A hybrid flower, Black Beauty provides a heady cerebral high and features an earthy, pineapple-like aroma.

4. One to One

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This strain’s name says it all. One to One is a hybrid bud that features a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Like Pennywise, One to One provides a relaxed, calm sensation. However, this flower is still fairly energizing and is excellent for daytime consumption. Though One to One will not provide the soaring euphoria of a high-THC strain, consumers often report a positive mood uplift and a general sense of well-being.


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ACDC is an ultra high-potency CBD strain. Unlike the others included in this list, ACDC often features a 20 to 1 ratio of CBD to THC. That means that this bud is more or less hemp and it does not provide a psychoactive high at all. Of course, if you find an ACDC sample with some THC, you can probably expect some more of a euphoric experience. ACDC is a happy hybrid perfect for taking the edge off during the day. While this bud may not provide a high, it is thought to lift spirits and ease anxiety.

6. Durban Poison

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Caveat: Durban Poison may or may not cause the munchies. This strain is high in THC, which means that there is a good chance this flower might actually increase your appetite. However, this spunky sativa flower is also thought to contain levels of THCV that are higher than normal. For those in need of a heavily psychoactive experience but want to cut back on the calories, Durban Poison may be a good THC-dominant flower to try. No promises, though.

7. Jack the Ripper

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While Jack the Ripper is loaded with THC, popular culture suggests that this flower is less likely to cause the munchies than a heavier strain, like Master Kush. An offspring from the legendary Jack Herer, there is a possibility that Jack the Ripper has inherited the ability to produce fairly high levels of THCV. Of course, THCV is often present in concentrations of less than 1 percent of total cannabinoids. Still, if you’re hoping to find a psychedelic flower that cuts down on the munchies, Jack the Ripper just might be a solid choice.

Jul 1, 2017