Brewers Are Adding Terpenes To Beer Now And People Love It

Cannabis and alcohol: from enemies to friends. Thanks to terpenes, new infused beverages are spreading the love, and sharing the customers.

Aug 22, 2017

While some may find the smell or taste of cannabis as noxious, more and more are coming to love it, in everything. If the flavor is king for you, check out some of the many ways you can enjoy that herbal essence in everyday products. While these terpenes won’t cause you to get high, they are certainly creating a buzz.

Buds and Suds

Why Are Brewers 1 How To Make Delicious Cannabis Infused Chocolate Crepes
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The hops in beer and cannabis share not only the largest combined fan bases of virtually any plant in the world, but distant family tree ties as well. Now, they are coming together for a reunion to make everyone happy.

Lagunitas brewing and AbsoluteXtracts combined forces to craft not only a terpene infused beer line, but a hops infused cannabis vape line to compliment it. Supercritical is served in select California establishments, with more locations on the way.

Other brews in the news

Why Are Brewers 2 How To Make Delicious Cannabis Infused Chocolate Crepes
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It’s no secret that our first president loved Indian Hemp. He grew it and founded the nation on its fibers. With the release of General Washington’s Secret Stash IPA, Dad and Dudes Breweria brought his two loves to life. Colder than the Delaware River and as refreshing as liberty itself, its Colorado fanbase continues to grow.

Jetty Extracts and Thorn Street Brew Brewing Co. combined the sweet taste of hops with terpenes from Pineapple Express, Girl Scout Cookies, and other scrumptious strains.

If a heavier hitting buzz calls your name, try Earth Mama’s terpene infused vodka. Or enjoy a fine glass of cannabis wine from CannaWine with an upscale meal.

If DIY is your style, there are plenty of mixed drink recipes for cannabis and terpenes. Cocktail Whisper Warren Bobrow published a whole book of them for your mixing pleasure.

The terpenes of cannabis go beyond the bong, and even the bottle. Chefs incorporate it into entire menus, cosmetics incorporate it into perfumes and lip balms, lotions and nail polishes.

Cannabis is quickly becoming as universal as vanilla, as refreshing as mint, and as sought after as pumpkin spice.

Terpenes make the taste

Why Are Brewers 5 How To Make Delicious Cannabis Infused Chocolate Crepes
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For some, the passion is in the pot, so why not enjoy the taste any chance they can? But for those who haven’t, the tastes and aromas are a new and unique palette to explore.

As cannabis grows in popularity, alcohol sales in legal states have shown a noticeable decline as well. So it only makes sense that if you can’t beat em’, join em’.

Aug 22, 2017