A Touch Of Glass #33: Superhero Style


It seems like you can’t go anywhere without bumping into some Superhero memorabilia. These pieces will have your Spidey Senses tingling.

Dee Giznik
Sep 2, 2016

It seems like you can’t go anywhere without bumping into Batman or Superman memorabilia. All summer long, people line up and await the arrival of the newest action-packed Avengers movies. Some people take their fandom to the next level and begin incorporating the caped crusaders into their everyday lives, using clothing, decorations, and even home décor to represent their favorite superhero. Cannabis lovers can combine both worlds with this week’s addition of Touch Of Glass, as we’re exploring pieces inspired by the most popular superheroes of our time.

1. Spiderman

Touch Of Glass 33 1 A Touch Of Glass #33: Superhero Style
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This piece is perfect for anyone looking to show off their Spidey Sense. The bowl piece is perfectly sized to hold just enough cannabis to deliver a decent high for two people, while the details and coloring match almost exactly to the original cartoon.

Even the face featured on the front of the piece carries an extremely accurate depiction of the character.

2. Green Lantern

Touch Of Glass 33 2 1 A Touch Of Glass #33: Superhero Style
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This superhero-inspired bong is detailed amazingly. The swirls of bright green are blended perfectly with the milky-white background.

Even the bowl piece on this water pipe is themed around the Green Lantern, incorporating his famous insignia, making for one exquisite piece of art.

3. Superman

Touch Of Glass 33 3 A Touch Of Glass #33: Superhero Style
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Simplicity at its finest is one of the attributes that makes this spoon pipe so perfect. The classic red and blue colors fade into each other seamlessly, while the familiar simple “S” represents the Superman we all know and love. Just like the superhero’s origins, this pipe will have users elevated to another world.

4. Batman

Touch Of Glass 33 4 A Touch Of Glass #33: Superhero Style
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People are constantly arguing about which hero is better: Batman or Superman. When it comes to their cannabis pieces, I’d have to say Batman wins hands down. This crazy cool bong might be simple and clear on the outside, but the inside details are amazing.

Batman’s head is perfectly formed out of glass and inserted inside the shaft of the bong, making for an endless conversation topic. His famous bat signal is incorporated in the stem and etched in the glass near the mouthpiece. With so much detail and work put into this piece, there’s no doubting who the strongest superhero is.

5. Iron Man

Touch Of Glass 33 5 A Touch Of Glass #33: Superhero Style
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Sandblasted pieces just have such a simple, elegant look about them; nothing really compares. When etchings are included, the piece is taken to another level.

Iron Man is the perfect superhero to be etched on glass, as his facial and armor details are less intricate than Batman or Superman. The etching comes out smooth and clean, leaving users with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

6. The Hulk

Touch Of Glass 33 6 A Touch Of Glass #33: Superhero Style
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Unlike an etching or separate molding, This Hulk bong incorporates the character’s face right into the glass. Precision is needed to create such a detailed piece. Master craftsmen work each facial feature slowly into the molten glass, ensuring symmetry.

The corkscrew accents on the stem piece also enhance the bong’s eye-catching appearance. To top off this fine specimen, a matching Hulk-green bowl piece, deep enough to deliver a monstrous high.

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Dee Giznik
Sep 2, 2016