How Weed Gives You Clear Skin


Not only does cannabis have the power to help alleviate the pesky red bumps, it can actually prevent breakouts from occurring.

Dee Giznik
Aug 6, 2017

Cannabis has been proven to combat exhaustion, anxiety, high blood pressure, and now, acne. Not only does cannabis have the power to help alleviate the pesky red bumps, it can actually prevent breakouts from occurring, along with providing relief from other annoying skin conditions, like psoriasis. Cannabis’ naturally occurring chemicals offer a host of benefits, many that are still being discovered. Now, clear skin is just one more reason to enjoy the life-saving plant.

Cannabis and clear skin

This Is Why 1 How Weed Gives You Clear Skin
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Scientists from Hungary, Germany, and the U.K. have discovered that our own body not only makes chemical compounds similar to the active ingredient in cannabis (THC) but these play an important part in maintaining healthy skin.

THC and the endocannabinoids that occur naturally within our bodies are in charge of lipid production, according to researchers. These fatty acids help to control how dry or moist our skin is, therefore either aiding or hindering the growth of acne and the development of other skin conditions.

By creating specially designed, cannabis-infused creams and topical ointments, patients would be able to gain control over stubborn acne or flaky dry skin.

This research shows that we may have something in common with the marijuana plant. Just as THC is believed to protect the marijuana plants from pathogens, our own cannabinoids may be necessary for us to maintain healthy skin and to protect us from pathogens. – Gerald Weissmann, MD

Creams available now

This Is Why 2 How Weed Gives You Clear Skin
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There is already a wide variety of hemp and cannabis-infused creams on the market today. Many have proven effective at treating the intense sting of a sun burn by deeply penetrating the layers of skin and conditioning thoroughly, while others claim to calm intense eczema.

Cannabis topicals also offer an alternative delivery method for those who might not like to ingest flowers or wax. By applying the creams and lotions directly to the skin, participants can feel a near-instant reaction, as their skin begins to settle and the cannabinoids provide soothing relief.

For those living in states without legal cannabis laws, the internet provides a whole host of hemp-infused products that claim to offer the same therapeutic results as their THC-filled companions. Obviously, the creams do not provide users with any type of high, whether they contain THC or not. So, those patients who need relief, but don’t live in a legal state, can find aid in the hemp topicals.

As more research continues to be done, it’s likely we’ll learn exactly how THC does affect the production of lipids and what that research could mean for other areas of the human body. Many areas depend on these fatty molecules for sustainability and growth, opening the door to possibilities for future benefits of cannabis within the body.

For more information on how to make your own cannabis topicals at home, check out this article.

Dee Giznik
Aug 6, 2017