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Weed Manicures Are Taking Nail Trends To A New High

While many of us might consider this a gigantic waste of cannabis, some people are actually using the real stuff to take their weed manicures to the next level.

Jun 1, 2016 - Dee Giznik

Nail trends are constantly changing, continuing to become stranger and stranger. Everything from the thick, gloppy layers of a bubble nail, to the stupidity of money manicures that have people cutting up actual bills, I thought I had seen it all. Well, now I have. People are using real cannabis, excuse me, people are wasting real cannabis to create this new weed manicures trend.

Bring forth your shake

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A California nail designer has sparked the latest trend in high-end nail fashions, literally. Louisiana Pham has been creating beautiful nail art using real cannabis and her customers can’t get enough. It might seem like a great idea to have cannabis embedded into a manicure, but in all honesty, wouldn’t we rather just ingest it?

At the Orchid Nail Lounge in Santa Clara, California customers are lining up to have salon owner, Louisiana Pham, create a one-of-a-kind manicure using their own personal medical cannabis. Pham began creating the unique nail art just over two years ago when a regular customer wanted a special design for Hemp Con.

After deciding that painting cannabis leaves onto the nails would look too cartoonish, Pham suggested sprinkling real cannabis into the manicure. Her customer was delighted by the idea and quickly crushed up bits of her own medical cannabis.

Then Pham encapsulated the shake into each nail using gel polish, she painted altering colors of green and black, with gold dripping down meant to represent concentrates.

People were stopping by her booth at Hemp Con just looking at her nails. – Pham.

Pham knows this is a niche clientele, and doesn’t charge any extra for a cannabis manicure, but she does have a few rules. All customers requesting the high-end manicure must have a legal California medical cannabis card. Residents must bring their own cannabis to the shop and it has to have been purchased legally.

If these criteria’s are met, weed manicures begin at $65 depending on how intricate the design.

Weed manicures are trending nationally

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As cannabis legalization spreads from state to state, more and more people are following suit with this trending nail fashion. Many manage to include the cannabis in an elegant, nonchalant way. Some, however, have combined the worst of the worst nail trends, incorporating cut up money, a $100 bills in this case, and crushed cannabis; one expensive manicure!

Pham said she didn’t realize her idea of using cannabis in the nail art was popular across the country. She was only trying to achieve a more sophisticated cannabis manicure for her client, and the idea of using the natural stuff seemed only logical.

While it seems like a ridiculous idea to most of us, this nail trend does produce some beautiful artwork. The manicures might only last two weeks or so, but those will be an enjoyable two weeks. My only advice to customers following this fad? Ensure there’s plenty of cannabis around to ingest. Otherwise, followers might be left kicking themselves for wasting it in their nails.

Would you get a weed manicure? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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