5 reasons to take a weed tolerance break

Remember the good ‘ol days when a few hits got you real high?

Feb 5, 2018
weed tolerance break

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As a weed enthusiast, the last thing you want someone telling you to do is lay off the pot, especially if you burn trees like it’s your job. It’s not hard to go from smoking a J a day to blazing from sunup to sundown. After all, you can’t overdose on weed. But when you start dabbling in the marijuana all day every day, eventually, you might begin to notice that you’re not getting that same giggly and uplifting buzz like you used to back when you were just a wee rookie. Or, it could be that you’re noticing lesser funds in your bank account. Believe it or not, putting down the pipe could work to your benefit in more than one way. Here are five reasons to take a tolerance break from weed.

1. The buzz isn’t the same

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Remember the good ol’ days when pot made you geek? All it took was a few sparks of a bowl to get you nice and high. And once you were stoned, boy were you stoned. If that feeling is more often than not a distant memory these days, then that’s a reason to take a weed tolerance break.

Unfortunately, the more grass you smoke, the higher your tolerance gets. Over time, it increases to the point that instead of only needing a couple of hits to achieve a desirable buzz, it requires many. That’s because your body is getting used to all the THC you’re consuming. Luckily, a weed tolerance break works like a reset button. After just a few days of refraining from cannabis, THC starts to become foreign to your body. So when you’re ready to blaze again, your body will be like, ‘whoa, this is new.’ In return, you’ll get that same incredible high as you used to when you were sparking your first J.

2. You need to pass a drug test

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If you need to pass a drug test to land a new job or are one failed urine sample away from being put in jail, then for obvious reasons, you should take a weed tolerance break. After all, as long as you have THC in your system, there’s no way to pass the test. Not without taking desperate measures, anyway.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to better your life all because you don’t want to be without your beloved Mary Jane. And more importantly, don’t do unnecessary time for a harmless plant. Take a weed tolerance break, pass your drug test, and then get back to doing what you do best. Just remember, it’s temporary. We feel your pain.

3. To gain a better understanding of your relationship with cannabis

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Do you find yourself needing to smoke your way out of a bad mood? Or, is life no longer enjoyable through a sober lens? Barring people who need marijuana for medical conditions, of course, it might be time to consider a weed tolerance break.

You might not even be aware that you’re leaning on your favorite herb too heavily. So every now and again, just to be on the safe side, take a weed tolerance break. That way, you can reassure yourself that your relationship with cannabis is healthy.

4. You can save money

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When your tolerance is sky high, then your love for Mary Jane can be downright expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, scrounging up enough change to satisfy your tolerance is stressful. Not to mention, there are unexpected expenses that tend to arise as well. So during months when you’re struggling to budget, save your money—and your nerves—and take a weed tolerance break. That way, if you need the extra dollars to go towards a bill or what have you, then you’ll have them. Once you get caught back up, your best pal Mary will be ready for you.

5. To find out if weed is the right herb for you

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Cannabis is always there for the taking, or more appropriately, the smoking. It doesn’t matter who you are. Now, I know you’re thinking we’re crazy, but the plant is not for everyone. While many consumers can thrive on the ganja, others can’t. For example, weed may give particular individuals a headache. You also have those people that turn into the stereotypical stoner when they smoke. In other words, they become lazy and don’t want to do anything. Some folks even develop an allergy to marijuana and will experience symptoms including congestion, sneezing, and fatigue, which could easily be mistaken for a common cold. Additionally, some smokers think cannabis is helping their anxiety and then, they find out, it’s actually just making it worse.

The only way to know for sure if it’s time to ditch cannabis is to take a weed tolerance break. Maybe you’re just smoking way too much weed and, in return, are turning yourself into a couch potato. But do hang on to that bud until the break is over. A mini-vaca from the herb could be all you need to come back to it refreshed.

Feb 5, 2018