Welcome to the world of concentrates. If you’re showing up late to the party, that’s okay – we’re here to catch you up. This is the perfect guide, for a new of seasoned cannabis concentrate user. Presenting: the cannabis concentrates buyer’s guide.

Cannabis concentrates: Definition and extraction

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Concentrates are derived from flower using various extraction methods. These concentrates can be extracted with ethanol or butane (these are the most common methods of extraction). What is produced is a cannabis oil, high in cannabinoid content.

The levels of THC in concentrates can be range anywhere from 70%-90%, which is FAR higher than any bud you have rolled up and smoked.


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If you’re new to concentrates, it’s beyond important to recognize that concentrates are incredibly potent. Start with one hit of a concentrate and see how you feel. Don’t ruin the concentrate experience by rushing into it, getting too high, and freaking out.

Dab slowly! Dispensaries sell concentrates ranging in percentage of potency, so it’s not a bad idea to start is one in the 70% THC range when you’re just starting out.

 Concentrates are available in medical and recreational dispensaries. As the popularity of concentrates has grown, dispensaries generally carry numerous options of both types of cannabis users. If you want to get wild, you can extract your own concentrates, but you’ll need the know-how and correct equipment.

Typically, more potent strains of bud cost more. Concentrates follow the same principal. Expect to pay more because the THC content is higher.

Pricing can range between $30-$60 per gram. Yes, that is probably a lot more than you are used to paying, but remember, a gram of a concentrate will last you a while because you won’t have to take as many hits.

Types of concentrates

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Concentrates come in various forms. Some of the most common types are shatter and wax. Shatter, also known as glass, is stunningly beautiful. While transparency does not always mean a higher quality, shatter is one of the purest forms of cannabis oil.

Wax is another type of concentrate. Wax looks like wax because the molecules crystallize after extraction. This concentrate is extremely versatile – it can be used in a rig or crumbled as a topping for your joint for an extra kick.

Check out his article for more information on different types of concentrates.

Now that you have the run down, get out there and have some fun. The world of concentrates continues to evolve. Whether you’re new to concentrates, or a pro, this guide should help you make informed choices about your concentrates.