The world of cannabis is not untouched by rumor and mystery. For decades, bongs have helped users to make healthier smoking choices. Or at least they thought so. Bongs filter smoke without compromising the THC high, right? Some say no! We’re here to set the record straight. Presenting, Cannabis Mythbusters: bongs don’t filter well and waste THC.

Bongs and science

Mythbusters Bongs Dont 1 Cannabis Mythbusters: Bongs Dont Filter Well And Waste THC
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When cannabis is burned, a number of things are produced. You’re inhaling some good stuff, like THC, CBD, flavorful terpenes, and tons of other cannabinoids. You’re also inhaling some not-so-good stuff, like tar.

Bongs, which are also known as water pipes, help to filter out the bad chemicals that are produced when weed is burned. The water in a bong cools down the smoke, filtering out tar. Ever wondered why bong water is disgustingly brown? This is why!

Bong water doesn’t filter – or does it?

Mythbusters Bongs Dont 2 Cannabis Mythbusters: Bongs Dont Filter Well And Waste THC
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It’s clear that they water is a bong filters smoke created by burning cannabis. We know this because:

  1. Bong water turns brown
  2. Because using a bong creates a smoother smoke

What we do not know is how much or how well a bong filters smoke. When discussing this controversy, many cannabis users site a study conducted by Ca NORML and MAPS. The study states that the water does not distinguish tar from THC, meaning that your high could possibly be compromised.

Now, we all know that taking rips from a bong gets a person high. What the study does not tell is us how much THC we are losing through the bong water filtration process.

Bye bye THC?

Mythbusters Bongs Dont 3 Cannabis Mythbusters: Bongs Dont Filter Well And Waste THC
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Another common myth: bongs filter THC too, so you get less high. The answer: yes and no. We agree, it’s way too complicated. No measurable studies have been conducted for anyone to know exactly how much THC is lost in bong water.

There are numerous factors as well. How big is the bong? How many chambers does it have? Despite the fact that some THC is lost in bong water, the majority of bong users say that it is virtually unnoticeable.

The obvious concern for bong users is cost. Does smoking out of a bong mean you have to spend more money on weed? In the long-term, perhaps a little, however, this would also be impacted by how often you smoke, as well as your tolerance.

Bongs filter reasonably well for using a completely natural process of filtering. The muddy brown stuff in your bong water – you should be happy that is not in your body. As far as wasting THC, you have to make the call on that debate.

While some THC is lost in bong water, is it a waste if bongs are playing a big role in keeping tar our of your lungs? Again, you decide.