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Learn | 02.09.2022

4 Natural Ways That May Prevent COVID-19 Infection

We have masks and social distancing as physical prevention methods. But, what about nature's methods? Created with Spyglass Wellness.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many miracle remedies have appeared. It is dangerous since most of them don’t have a scientific basis. And, sometimes, these remedies have intoxicated people. Consequently, creating more health problems in a spiral of public health issues.

It is vital to seek reliable ways to prepare our bodies to prevent infection. They must have a reliable basis, and it would be fantastic if they were natural. In this article, you’ll learn about four natural ways that may prevent COVID-19 infections.

Keep in mind that they may prevent the infection but won’t treat it if you already have the virus.

Minor Cannabinoids

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Recent research shows that cannabinoids prevented the SARS-CoV-2 virus from entering human cells. Two minor cannabinoids in hemp, CBDA and CBGA blocked the entry of the virus into the human cell.

They bind to its spike protein which is the mechanism for the virus to infect the cell. That is why products that contain this cannabinoid are becoming very popular.

It is hard to find products with minor cannabinoids, especially lab-tested, but Spyglass Wellness’ Lingua CBT+ tincture is one of those. It is a broad-spectrum tincture that has 1,000 mg of minor cannabinoids.

You can divide the bottle into 100 servings of 10 mg of minor cannabinoids.

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This product might help you prevent COVID-19 but also soothes any pain.  It is perfect to include in edible recipes so that you can put it into oils to cook or dressings.  You can also add it to your favorite drinks, or apply it directly under your tongue for fast action.


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COVID-19 can become mortal because of various causes. One of those is the increased possibility of bacteria infecting your lungs. The virus decreases the immune response to lung injuries.

In consequence, you are vulnerable to harmful bacteria. But, there is a simple and cheap way of preventing lungs infection by using turmeric.

Turmeric or curcumin is a spice that has been in several Asian cultures as a part of their cook and traditional medicine. This spice is an effective remedy against cough, sore throat, and respiratory illness.

It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory wound-healing properties that enhance the response to lung injuries. Thus, it can attenuate the danger of COVID-19 once you are infected.

Turmeric has already proven to inhibit influenza virus infection. And, it works as an effective treatment in synergy with conventional medicine. It also can inhibit hepatitis B, hepatitis C, zika, chikungunya and dengue.

Thus, it is easy to think that turmeric could be helpful against COVID-19. Still, there isn’t any study that could conclude that turmeric is an effective treatment against this virus.


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The reishi mushroom is a protagonist in traditional Chinese medicine. It is no wonder why it has beneficial effects on your immune system and lung function. And, it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidants properties while preventing infections and heart disease.

At the moment, there aren’t studies on reishi and COVID-19. But, the properties of the mushroom might help prevent the virus. For instance, reishi reduces inflammation, which is helpful against rheumatism and asthma. Thus, it prevents the cytokine storm that might lead to life-threatening cases.

Reishi has been part of clinical tests where it proved to improve the lung functions of 91 asthmatic people. Although reishi wasn’t as effective as prednisone, it worked and had no adverse effects. This is important, knowing that COVID-19 can hinder ventilation and oxygen entry.


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Another natural way to prevent COVID-19 and other respiratory infections is echinacea. The extract of this flower is capable of reducing the viral load of respiratory viruses. Thus it can reduce the possibilities of COVID-19 infection. And, it can reduce the severity of symptoms.

A study with 120 volunteers proved that echinacea reduces respiratory infections. The group used echinacea extract for five months and the result was a reduction of infection by 63%. And, it reduced the viral load by 99% in five days of cases with acute symptoms.

So, the long-term use of echinacea reduces the probabilities of infections and the severity of symptoms from COVID-19. But also reduces the infection of all respiratory infections with effectiveness. It is a good idea to make it part of your daily diet.

All these methods to prevent COVID-19 are natural and don’t have adverse effects. Still, be careful in case you are allergic to one of these substances. And, keep in mind that these methods are still in research. Thus, conventional ways are still the best to prevent infection.

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