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Learn | 01.31.2022

4 Things To Know Before Vaping THC

Whether it's Delta 8, Delta 9, THC-O, or any member of the THC family, these are the things to take into account before taking your first hit. Created with Bay Smokes.

The cannabis space has grown a lot since 2018, and with newer devices, consuming cannabis has become more accessible to a different public. One of these new ways of trying the benefits of THC is through vaping.

Vaping has become incredibly popular due to its nicotine counterpart, besides being a lot more discreet, having lots of flavors available, and hitting stronger than a joint

And even though the smoke is smoother than regular joints, there are some things you might want to know when vaping THC. Especially with different kinds of THC like Delta 8, Delta 9 (or “regular” THC), Delta 10, and more.

From choosing the correct device, the different “presentations” of cannabis to vape from, what kind of temperature you can adjust your smoke to, and if tolerance from joints transfers to vaping.

If you are new to the cannabis space or just want to know what vaping THC is about, let me give you a quick crash course about how vaping cannabis works.

Choose A Device

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If you want to start vaping THC, you have to choose your device. You can go the dry herb route and vape your favorite dry flower with a specialized vaporizer, or opt for concentrate in a cartridge or disposable vape pen.

For this, it is important to understand the differences between each method, the benefits, and how they differ. For instance, you can have discreet tokes from a small, cartridge or pod, or have an already built up, fully disposable pen. 

With dry herb, you’ll still get the characteristic skunky smell with each toke, but it might work better if you already have a favorite strain.

Master The Hit

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Once you got your favorite vaping device at the ready, you do have to practice how to pull. I’d say smoking from a vaping device stands at the midpoint from smoking from a pipe with harsh smoke, but not as smooth as smoking from a bubbler.

Unlike a joint, vaping through a device tends to be shorter. You don’t need to pull the smoke all the way down with each hit, as smoke tends to be a little denser and more manageable. 

To start vaping I’d recommend getting small 2-3 second tokes at first. If you feel comfortable with how smoke acts up, try with 5-second tokes after a while.

If your vape pen or cartridge starts to taste burnt or rubber-like, or stops getting you high, your device is done and it’s ready to throw in the garbage bin.

For dry herb vaporizing, you’ll want to inhale slowly at first, instead of quick small tokes with the vape pen. This gets closer to a milder smoke experience, but don’t try to get it all in like with a joint or pipe. 

Remember, slow and steady with little tokes at first will help you get used to your preferred device.

Choose A Temperature

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Most devices that vaporize either dry herb or concentrate have a different temperature measurement. Some vaporizer batteries hace different settings to adjust to the sort of concentrate you have.

Lower temperatures might help you handle the smoke a little better, while higher temperatures are better to help the CBD release from your oil. Some batteries even have a heating option, which results in less clogging and more flavor per toke.

Most disposable devices, however, have only one setting for temperature. This simplifies the process a little temperature regulation seems like a hassle. And most of the time, the temperature regulation is already engineered in the device.

With their simple design and portability, these sort of disposable pens is great to try different flavors, get discreet tokes, great taste, and bigger clouds.

Know Your Tolerance

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Now, this is something you might want to know before vaping THC. Although sometimes the tolerance carries from smoking dry herb to vaping, that is not the case with concentrates.

Concentrates tend to be a lot stronger than regular herbs, which changes the experience of consuming cannabis. You’ll need fewer tokes to get a stronger high just by the concentration of THC, which could mean less smoke going through your lungs.

With a dry herb vaporizer, you’ll get more smoke than your usual, similar to a bubbler or bong experience without the cool smoke. If you feel creative you can try some air rings once you get the handle, but like concentrates, it is still stronger than your regular blunt.

The type of THC and concentrate is also important, as Delta 8 THC vaporizers tend to be milder than Delta 9 or THC-P vapes. 

And as usual, all bodies are different so just be mindful with some trying hits before starting your full-out session. So as a word of advice, try 2-3 tokes to discover your vaping tolerance.

So, are you ready to try vaping your THC? Now that you know the basics, you can try the many different options out there. And no better place to start than by checking out Bay Smokes’ catalog of vape products.

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