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A History Of Cannabis Pharmacies In The U.S.

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Cannabis pharmacies have constantly been developing to help patients find the proper treatment for a variety of conditions. The first leap into the industry was back in 1964 when the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RIPS) was established as the research arm of the School of Pharmacy. Their mission was to discover and develop new drugs from natural sources.

That same year, chemical structures of THC and CBD were first determined by professor Raphael Mechoulam of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, sparking global interest in cannabinoids.

In 1968, the first experimental plot of marijuana was grown at the University of Mississippi, which planted seeds from Mexico, Panama, Southeast Asia, Korea, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Lebanon.

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The next year, the University of Mississippi constructed a secured garden for its first substantial crop grow, with additional plots in southern Mississippi and the school’s forest lands. Roughly ten years later, in 1978, the Compassionate Investigational New Drug program was established to present marijuana cigarettes to treat specific medical disorders to patients.

In 1984, many experimental techniques were implemented to grow “sinsemilla” (Spanish for “no seed”). This means female plants mature to develop dense buds with higher concentrations of cannabinoids, which are predominately used today. In 1989, The Coy Waller Laboratory Complex was created to provide a laboratory and horticulture space for sinsemilla techniques.

The Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences developed a novel drug delivery system for cannabis in 1991, a THC suppository. That same year, RIPS later developed a chemical “fingerprint” technique to identify where confiscated marijuana originated from.

In 1995, the National Center for Natural Products Research was established under RIPS. Their mission was to improve human health and agricultural productivity through discovering, developing, and commercializing natural products.

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Fast forward to 2018, the Farm Bill legalizing hemp was signed into law. Also, UMMC Institutional Review Board gave Dr. Ingram the green light to begin the CBD Cannabis Extract Oral Solution clinical study.

Today, the leading retailer in Delta 8 THC, Cannabis Life, has a dedicated team of licensed compounding pharmacists who work full time to oversee all of their product development and manufacturing.

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Even better, Cannabis Life has an external lab test every product batch for quality, purity, and, most importantly, safety. Since Delta 8 isn’t all that regulated, Cannabis Life makes it its mission to deliver quality products and test them to avoid harmful additives like solvents, acids, microbials, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants.

Looking at how far we’ve come in terms of pharmacies, cannabis, and safety, Cannabis Life embodies all of these factors and hopes to make a lasting positive impact on each patient and consumer.

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